Instagram launches into NFTs

Starting this week, a handful of American creators and collectors will be able to share NFTs on Instagram, his boss revealed. Last March, Mark Zuckerger, the head of Meta Group (formerly Facebook), the parent company of Instagram, indicated that his company planned to introduce NFT on Instagram “in the short term.” Now we know more. … Read more

No, it is not the end of NFTs yet

This isn’t the first time NFT’s death has been predicted. However, non-fungible tokens are still doing well, and the excitement around them isn’t waning much. The ” The NFTs got stuck “, According to the Wall Street Journal. For Le Monde, the market crypto-art is ending “.” End of the digital Eldorado “ on Kulture … Read more

“Do you want to trade with me tonight?”

April 17, 2022 Today at 08:31 Should we regret that Euronext closes its doors for two full days at Easter? For the Robinhood platform, the future stock market is traded 24/7! For real? The Robinhood stock trading platform, very popular with Americans, recently announced an extension of its hours, allowing the shares to trade between … Read more

All cryptocurrency exchanges are under investigation by the US SEC.

Recently, an official in the office of US Senator Cynthia Lummissaid the SEC is launching an investigation into every cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Attorney John E. Deaton may have correctly predicted that SEC Chairman Gary people it is likely that it will pursue another exchange this year. people address all exchanges cryptocurrencies With … Read more

The NFT market in search of normalization

After the shock in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin market, the NFT market saw a sharp decline in volumes between February and April. Temporary depression or bursting of a bubble? The market for certified digital objects (“NFT”), which has flourished since its eruption last year, has just suddenly stopped and now needs to improve to attract … Read more

NFT supporters are calm about Crypto Crash

Anyone who thinks that the decline in NFT valuations in the wake of cryptocurrencies will dampen the enthusiasm of supporters of these “non-fungible tokens” will have to think again. Because for the defenders, in the media and technology sectors, of these unique digital tokens, registered in the blockchain and automatically executing contracts (“smart contracts”), they … Read more