20 must-watch shows on Netflix

Netflix, the world’s most popular digital TV series and movie viewing platform, offers its subscribers brand new content almost every day. While some of this new Netflix content is fading away, some of it is capable of making a magnificent debut.

On the other hand, some time-defying content is still among the most watched content.

Here are 20 Netflix series to absolutely watch before the end of 2021, including Turkish productions…


Premiering on Netflix on October 2, 2020, Emily in Paris was created by Daren Star. The American-made comedy-drama series chronicles the experiences of Emily, who moves to Paris for a job opportunity. Emily, an American, finds herself facing culture shock in a way of life from which she is estranged. As he tries to adapt to the way of life there, his life changes and he establishes a new life in Paris, which contributes to rediscovering himself. The internet series, starring Lily Collins, enthralls audiences with Collins’ acting, colorful character style, and mesmerizing Paris atmosphere.

Netflix has announced that, for those who are waiting, the second season of Emily in Paris will be released on December 22, 2021.


The series, which aired on December 1, 2017, is the first German-language series on Netflix. The German sci-fi and thriller web series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese chronicles a series of events that begin with the disappearance of children in the German town of Winden. Dark reveals the broken relationships of the missing children and the four families living in the area, their double lives and the revelation of their dark past, and a mystery that spans three generations. The series, which is compatible with Apparat’s song Goodbye, received full marks from critics for its success in confusing audiences.


Fatma is a Netflix miniseries in the psychological drama genre written by Özgür Önurme and shared with Özer Feyzioğlu. The series, starring Burcu Biricik and Uğur Yücel, tells the story of a woman named Fatma who finds herself in chaos trying to search for her missing husband, Zafer. Actress Burcu Biricik said that the second season of “Fatma” series will be filmed during an interview she gave to the press during the “Ayvalık Film Festival” in September.


Hailed as one of the most successful period series to date to meet the needs of period series fans on Netflix, Downton Abbey chronicles the lives of family members in a Yorkshire mansion. Count Robert and Countess Cora Crawley, their nervous and conservative daughters Mary, the libertarians Sybil and Edith, whom nobody cares about, and their servants who accompany them at all times, are the guests of this family. Downton Abbey, with its garish set and lavish costumes, was filmed in an estate, a Victorian house called Highclere Castle in Hampsire. In the series, a world where the rich are not rude, the poor who serve them do their jobs with gratitude and happiness, and women’s honor and men’s honor are equal to thousands of square meters of land, a vast territory is presented.


Lupine, inspired by the adventures of the French novel character Arsène Lupin, became known when it was published on the Netflix platform. Lupine, which meets the public in the form of a mini-series, consists of only 5 episodes in its first season. The series chronicles main character Assane Diop’s struggle to avenge his father, who was wrongfully imprisoned years ago.


Netflix comes to the rescue of animation lovers. It is an adult anime series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Rick and Morty chronicles the adventures of alcoholic scientist Rick and his grandson Morty, who split their time between family life and interdimensional travel. The series focuses on the insignificance of human existence compared to the size of the universe.


The Good Place is about an afterlife where people are sent to either the “Good Place” or the “Bad Place” after they die. The Good Place, where a score is given based on their moral assessment of their conduct in life, and only those with the highest scores can go there, is run by an artificial intelligence named Janet. It’s about Eleanor trying to be a better person, who is accidentally sent to the “good place” where every wish is granted and eternal happiness is enjoyed and she is determined to stay here. The series also helps to understand good and evil by giving a lot of room to moral philosophy.


The first series of The Haunting series, The Haunting of Hill House, released on Netflix on October 12, 2018, chronicles the terrible events of two parents and 5 children in the house on the hill. The events unfold in two time periods, 1992 and today. The second season, based on Henry James’ 1898 novel The Turn of the Screw, aired on October 9, 2020 as The Haunting: Bly Mansion. There is no information yet for the 3rd season of The Haunting series.


Chef’s Table, a documentary series from Netflix, opens the curtains on the creative worlds of starred chefs from different corners of the world. In each episode, Chef’s Table allows us to meet the owners of careers built over years of effort in the kitchens of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Series creator David Gelb directed the documentary film Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which is another culinary story, and also produced the series and directed the first episode.


Love, Death & Robots, directed by Tim Miller and David Fincher, is an adult Netflix original series comprised of animated novellas in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comedy genres. Each story is told in a gripping narrative that’s easy to watch but hard to forget. In the series, where we delve into different worlds each episode, spooky creatures, sinister surprises and dark comedy are presented together.


Created by Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein, Disenchtment is set in Dreamland, a medieval kingdom on the verge of collapse. In the fantasy comedy animated series, Princess Bean flees the palace as she is about to marry the Prince of Bentwood. Trying to figure out who he is in life, Bean embarks on various adventures with his elf friend Elfo and his inner demon Luci. The anime series about this world full of fantastic creatures consists of 3 seasons.


Mindhunter, directed and produced by David Fincher, was released on Netflix in 2017. Written by Joe Penhall, the series is based on the novel Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, written by former FBI agent Jhon E. Douglass with Mark Olshaker. The series revolves around FBI Special Agent Holden Ford and his partner Bill Tench investigating notorious serial killers and rapists, who specialize in new profiling techniques as they investigate the case.


When They See Us, created by Ava DuVernay, is a 4-part drama miniseries. It tells the story of five young black people who are imprisoned for a crime they did not commit and their difficult struggle to prove their innocence. Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise are charged with sexually assaulting a woman jogging in Central Park. These five young calves are then called the Central Park Five.

the OA

The OA is an American television series in the science fiction, supernatural and fantasy genres. Zal Batmanglij, who wrote the screenplay for the series with Brit Marling, is also directing the series. The series begins with the appearance of Prairie Johnson, who hasn’t been heard from for 7 years, in an interesting way. The mysterious story of the appearance of Prairie Johnson, a blind woman who was blind when she disappeared, resonates with audiences years later. Fans, who were shaken by the news that the third season of the series, which lasted 2 seasons, would not be filmed, were the subject of the news that he had started a hunger strike in front of the building from Netflix.


Afterlife Tony, who had a perfect life, became depressed after the sudden death of his wife and a drastic decision he made, reveals the effect of Tony starting to treat people and himself as he feels. As Tony continues to use this side of him as a “superpower”, his friends on the other side attempt to restore him to his old self. After Life, created by Ricky Gervais, announced to its Twitter followers in September 2020 that the third season was under construction.


The Club, which makes visible the Jews living in Istanbul, recounts Matilda’s attempt to establish a relationship with her daughter, Rasel, who never knew her, and what happened to them both in Istanbul in the 1950s. In the series, when Rasel gets in trouble with Çelebi, who is the manager of a large nightclub, Matilda starts laundry in the club so Çelebi can withdraw his complaint. Crossing paths with venue owner Orhan Şahin and new headliner Selim Songür, Matilda’s fight for life, which never ends in her new life, which is in the shadow of her old life, meets the public.


Maid is based on Stephanie Land’s book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive. The series is about Alex, a single mother who abandons her abusive boyfriend and fights for custody of her two-year-old daughter, Maddy, as she tries to rebuild her daughter’s life and her own life by working. as a housekeeper. The fact that the drama series frequently includes comedy elements balances out the sadness it packs into 10 episodes.


Anne With An E, which meets the audience in the drama genre, the creator of which is Moira Walley-Beckett, tells about the development of the life of a girl named Anne Shirley, who became an orphan after the death of her parents, and his adoption by an old unmarried woman and her brother. It has been announced that the series, which said goodbye to its fans with the third season, will soon be adapted for Turkey. Child actor Beren Gökyıldız will play the lead role in the series.


The subject of the drama, romance and fantasy series takes place in two different parallel worlds. In the series, a demon released in the people’s world attempts to cross into the other world. While Korean Emperor Lee Gon tries to keep the gates of the parallel world closed, detective Jung Tae-Eul, who lives in the other parallel world, the Republic of South Korea, tries to protect people’s lives and their relatives. The series is about the intersection of these two’s lives.


Bir Başkadır, which has received praise from critics who said Turkey’s motifs are masterfully handled, deals with lives that are marginalized in society by placing them at the center of the series. Its cinematography, reinforced by the recordings of Ferdi Özbegen, is impressive. Both the subject and the actors, concepts and reviews it touches show that it is no coincidence that it has been appreciated. He is among the rumors that the second season of the series is on the way.

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