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Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Bilgin, recalled that in addition to the inflation difference in January, they granted a social balance difference of about 3% to public employees and pensioners. mentioned.

Minister Bilgin spoke about the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on economies during the “Law No. 4688 and the Collective Bargaining Congress on its 10th anniversary” held at the headquarters de Memur-Sen and said that even in the worst conditions of the epidemic, the wheels did not stop in Turkey.

Stating that the inflation occurred due to the shutdown of production in developed countries, especially the United States, Bilgin pointed out that this and the excessive increase in the prices of natural gas and oil were effective. for inflation in Turkey.

Stating that fighting inflation is their top priority, Bilgin said:

“After the epidemic, Turkey has become one of the two fastest growing countries in the world. There are those who say: ‘It is said that Turkey is developing and growing, but that is not reflected in society’. Of course, it is necessary to examine what they mean by growth. Growth shows the increase in the ratio of total goods and services over the previous year. It creates prosperity when it is continuous. Therefore, Turkey’s problem is to achieve a political, economic and social ground that is constantly growing and creating prosperity within democracy. Of course, economic development and growth are not enough alone. We must enrich this with social policies. In this regard, trade unions and freedom of association are extremely important because the most important player in the social field is the trade unions. The trade union struggle is institutions that contribute to our democratization on the one hand and the construction of social balances on the other. For this reason, trade unions are the indispensable institutions of democracy, for this reason trade unions are the most important elements in the struggle for democracy. All segments of society need strengthening of the mechanism of growth.


Stating that despite all the difficulties that Turkey has faced, they have taken important steps and continue to take these steps, Bilgin said:

“It is our duty to protect employees against inflation. Historic measures have been taken in a short time in this regard. One of them is the increase in the minimum wage. For the first time in our history , while inflation was 36 percent, it was a real increase of 50 percent. Given the current inflationary environment, it is possible to interpret this in different ways. It is impossible to deny. Another The problem is that the minimum wage is tax-exempt, the portion of all wages equal to the minimum wage is tax-exempt. This is something we’ve been talking about since we were students. There’s been a first in this field and it happened. We may not see the importance of it today, but it is a bit historic. When we look at it, we see how important it is. »

Minister Bilgin said collective bargaining mechanisms continue for both public workers and civil servants and gave the following information:

“We have signed very important collective agreement decisions with our workers and civil servants in the conditions of this day. There is an article which protects the employees there, prevents our collective agreement from being meaningless and resists the This article gives the inflation We didn’t just give the inflation difference in January, “We also gave the social balance difference of about 3%. We have July inflation ahead of us. Let’s not forget that we will reconsider the inflation gap in July with the provisions only for our public employees and our pensioners.”


Bilgin said that Turkey acts with the awareness of fulfilling its responsibility to be a welfare state despite the epidemic conditions, the inflationary environment in the world and its effects on Turkey, and continued as follows:

“We will never give that up either. The Republic of Turkey is a social state. What does that mean? The state that protects its employees with its social policies and does not suppress inflation, the state which takes protective measures against inflation if inflation rises. The state which determines the working conditions, status and standards of employees. Our work on 3600 additional indicators is finalized. We are about to complete our work with the participation of the social partners. We hope that the work will be completed in May and will be submitted to Parliament. In addition, we want to regulate the situation of contract staff in the public sector at the request, and remedy it by obtaining certain public rights. We are about to complete our work on this issue, we will settle this with the social partners and find a solution.”

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