Come on, we’re good again, inflation will drop in December!

Nurettin Nebati, who was appointed Treasury and Finance Minister on December 2, 2021, in an interview with Bloomberg “Now we will solve inflation, after that 2022 will be a year of full recovery, stability and activity. Inflation peaks in January, drops in May, single digit inflation in elections” he even told the waiter “In the conversation we will have next year, you will ask me how positive changes in interest rates, inflation and exchange rates occur, and I will tell you” he said. (January 14, 2022)

Minister Nabati ‘peak in January, fall in May, single digits in the election’ When he made his statement, the inflation rate in our country was 48.69%. According to Mr. Nebati, our country was carrying the December bump, there would be an easing of food prices in the summer and the normalization of food prices would be the most important months to show that our country has now entered a new path.

Speaking to the Japanese Nikkei agency 15 days later, on February 3, 2022, Minister Nabati “We will see the peak of inflation in April, I don’t think we will see 50% levels, I hope I am not mistaken. We will have single digit inflation until the June 2023 election. mentioned.

During an interview with the Japanese Nikkei, Minister Nebati announced that the inflation rate increased by 4.81% in February compared to the previous month, and the inflation rate was 54.44% with an annual increase accordingly.

While TURKSTAT announced an annual inflation rate of 54.44%, Minister Nabati also explained that the inflation rate would not reach 50% in our country.

In the meantime, it is useful to recall President Erdogan’s statement of January 4, 2022. What did Mr. Erdogan say at the extended meeting of his party’s provincial presidents? “The worst of the economy is over. We took the froth on the exchange rate, and we will soon be removing the froth on inflation, and we will save our country from this picture.

The foam analogy is pretty cool. Mr. Erdogan has made public his analogy with “moss”. “our job is easy, it’s our job to reduce inflation, it’s our job” tried to get the message across.

Could Mr. Erdogan and his technicians in charge of the economy put the foam on the economy?

They could not. In fact, Mr. Erdogan, who made the ‘foam’ analogy on January 3, came out on January 31 and announced that the ‘bump’ above inflation and that we will carry this bump on the back for a while.

Inflation never tires of its record highs, it peaked in January, peaked in February, peaked in March, peaked again in April.

Minister Nabati is unable to determine the situation. Impossible to predict. He has nothing to say about tomorrow. Nothing he says makes sense. He ignores the ministry he heads and the economic institutions. This is the important thing. Our country has ceased to be predictable.


He said inflation would peak in January and then fall. Then, the inflation rate will peak in April, but the inflation rate will not reach the level of 50%, and the inflation rate has been announced at 54%.

Nothing that Mr. Erdogan has already said proves to be true.

Is it dated?

On A Haber on August 4, 2021 “From now on, it is no longer possible for inflation to go any higher. We are also lowering interest rates, there is no high interest rate” he said.

What was the inflation rate when Mr. Erdogan made this statement? 19 percent

How much was a dollar? Eight books.

of Erdogan “Can’t Go Higher” The inflation rate, he said, is 62% according to TUIK data.

And Mr. Nebati took his place on stage and now he says “From December, we will see how inflation decreases every month in the country and we will walk together. Inflation is slowly creeping in. Things will get better.”


Mr Nabati? How will this work?

What will the inflation rate be until December? What summit will he see?

Will inflation peak in December?

Will the fall in inflation resemble the incident of December 20? Will it be the success of your government when inflation hit 80% and fell to 70%? Will you celebrate the fall of inflation to 70% with drums and horns across the country?

What will inflation, which will reach 80% by December, do to citizens?

Meanwhile, Minister Nabati “we will walk” I underlined his statement, I want to ask him:

Dear Nabati, “We will see together how inflation goes down” you say okay “we will walk” what about the word? Can you explain, where are we all going to walk together? What do you mean?

As I write these lines, Minister Nebati, who was meeting with businessmen in Mardin, came off the stage. “We will bring inflation back to a reasonable level by the end of this year, be patient” gave the message.

What really interests me is this:

The leader of the MHP, Devlet Bahçeli, was not in the Popular Alliance, but in the opposition. What proverbs and idioms would he have reacted to this latest inflationary statement from Minister Nabati?

When I sympathize with Mr. Bahçeli, I think of “The eye of the frog exploded until the water came to the stream” the proverb has come. Mr. Bahçeli’s proverb, Deniz Derya repertoire of idioms, I’m sure he used better proverbs, idioms that have yet to be revealed.

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