Economy and Human Dignity – Ahmet Taşgetiren

Koran “help followed by persecution”find this problematic. (Baqara, 263) Again, human, “give someone something that would wince when given”skin is avoided. (Baqara, 267) Because, again, according to the Quran “God receives alms. (Repentance, 104)

Would you like to look at kindness: what kind of method is there so that the heart of the person who receives help does not get broken? “infaq discipline” Being created. Kudret, who is gracious to a person with everything he has, puts his own person in the middle, in case we get confused while helping someone and get too proud, and he doesn’t want people to be in the role of arrogance against people in need.

Infaq’ education is extremely important in Islam. But this article, despite this entry “infaq discipline”This is not an article that aims to explain all the dimensions of I would like to draw attention to the other dimension of the question.

As the verses of the Quran reveal, it is obvious that people who are able to receive charity have a psychology. There is a fragile world out there. We don’t want to be seen, even if we see him, we don’t want to be punched in the face, “A Matter of Honor” acquired, after a stage “risk of insult” a world found.

Why were alms stones developed, where the giver and receiver are unknown? Why didn’t the left hand culture know what the right hand does? Isn’t it one of our beauties, developed to protect the dignity of the debtor, to remove the debt from the debt books? Yes, there is clearly a fragile zone there, and the creation of such fragile zones in society has proven to be problematic in terms of public health. It developed as a field of virtue.

Despite these sensitivities, “The Field of Human Psychology” You have to stop for a moment when you wonder if it is sufficiently cared for, if there is a wound there, will it be completely healed. What residue does the incident experienced by the fathers and mothers somehow leave in the world of the children?

The essential, what is wanted, what should be, even if it cannot be completely reset. “Field hand” It is a question of reducing to a minimum (to a minimum level, almost non-existent) the number of people trained in psychology.

Let’s update all these general advice:

Where are we as a society?

A society that speaks economy on a daily basis. Talking about inflation every day, talking about the fact that the money in his pocket is melting from moment to moment, seeing that the purchasing power of his salary is eroding from month to month, whose salary travels between borders hunger and poverty, who is afraid to get into his car and walk three or five kilometers, who calculates how much to fill the empty tank, meat, vegetables, who is nervous when approaching fruit, who makes projects to buy the vegetables without anyone seeing them, who see in the line of cheap bread with a mask an opportunity to avoid being recognized, without revealing themselves on the extended microphone. “the nation is oppressed brother” describing his inner fire with such words, “insult the higher authorities” who would have spurred even more fiery rages if he had not been subjected to their trials.“cheap country” residents of neighboring countries who come to border towns to do their shopping. “It may seem expensive for you, but cheap for us” He is the recipient of his devastating words such as; Worried about not having a useful job abroad… Suffering from unemployment, tired of looking for a job “house boy”What becomes of him, who worries about paying for the tea he is going to drink with his friend during his studies at the university in the big city with three cents from his retired father… Should I count more? All of them are our people… On the one hand, they are our oppressed people. Our qualified scientists, doctors, engineers…Those of us who fear being ridiculed in different countries when calculating our salary in dollars…Those whose horizons are now closed to buy a house or a car…And our people whose per capita income fell from 12 thousand dollars to 8 thousand…

What percentage of Turkey’s population covers the categories that I listed above, or that you will add?

How many millions are below the hunger line, how many millions are below the poverty line? How many people or families receive a poverty pension?

And what is the storm inside of them? How many people “Field hand” struggling with psychology?

I wonder “Field hand” Have we internalized his psychology? What does the state of a country think about its society, where this psychology deepens day by day? I wonder “Field hand” psychology, “Psychology of Debt” Is it also preferable because it creates a political investment in this aspect?

Let’s end it like this: According to you, the current economic management is the point reached now. “human dignity” Is he aware of the type of result this produces in terms of

What does the minister say? “We have resolved interest and foreign currency, only inflation remains…” So the result is a disaster, what is the cause? That the things you think are solved are not…

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