Hong Kong University of Science and Technology opens up new opportunities for Turkish students

A young university with 30 years of history, HKUST has rapidly risen in various global rankings over the past decade. The QS World University Rankings ranked 34th in the world in 2022 and 3rd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), a world-renowned international research university that focuses on close cooperation with industry and business and is dedicated to the development of education and scholarship , opens doors to new worlds for Turkish students. Developing scholarships for different countries, including one for Turkish students, this year HKUST also offers its students various job opportunities in Hong Kong.

HKUST also offers a wide range of accommodation options, solving one of the most important problems associated with studying abroad. Foreign students are housed for the first two years of their studies, and these students can request accommodation on campus in the 3rd and 4th years, depending on the availability of dormitories.

“HKUST offers very interesting opportunities for Turkish students”

Emre Can Aydogmus; Comparing the school’s reputation, pedagogy and extracurricular activities, affordable tuition and living costs compared to its peers in other countries, and its campus with stunning sea views, she chose HKUST among five offers. Aydoğmuş, who graduated from one of the top secondary schools in Turkey and was eligible for a 50% scholarship worth around USD 8,985, started his aerospace engineering education at HKUST in 2020.

Aydoğmuş, who is currently in the 2nd year of studies; “HKUST has a special program called UROP where undergraduate students can participate in research projects under the guidance of a faculty. of an ambulance drone and I have been involved in the project since mentioned. As an engineering enthusiast, Emre is also part of the University’s long-term profitable robotics team; “I design robots with members from different backgrounds to compete against international teams, so language is never an issue as everyone here is used to speaking English.” mentioned.

“I found a job in an international company in Hong Kong”

Benan Yıldırım, who received his undergraduate degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from HKUST, has another achievement that will encourage prospective students from Turkey. After graduating in 2020, he worked as an account manager at Hewlett-Packard in Hong Kong, looking after IT infrastructures for global clients such as HSBC, Bloomberg and Credit Suisse. Yıldırım said: “The experiences I gained during my internship at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute – ASTRI) during my studies at HKUST helped me find a job at HP.” mentioned.

Benan Yıldırım added the following on life in Hong Kong; “Coming to Hong Kong for my studies was one of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken, but it paid off. For international students like us, not speaking the local language is disadvantageous when it comes to finding a job after graduation, but luckily the city here is quite international, and if you even study subjects like business administration, don’t speak the local language will be less of a problem. In addition, international students who have completed a full-time degree program can apply to work or stay in Hong Kong on the IANG (Immigration Arrangements for Foreign Graduates) visa, which is a great incentive if one consider that in just 7 years you will be eligible. for permanent resident status in Hong Kong. »

HKUST ranked No. 34 in the world in 2022

As a young university with only 30 years of history, HKUST has seen a rapid rise in various global rankings over the past decade. HKUST is ranked 34th in the world in the 2022 QS World University Rankings and 3rd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

More than 140 HKUST faculty members, or a quarter of all faculty members, were ranked among the top 2% of scientists in the world by Stanford University in 2021. The university is among 30 top universities in the world with the highest graduate employability in the Times Higher Education Global University Employability Rankings (ranked 10th to 26th in 8 years since 2013).

DJI Founder Establishes Billion-Dollar Drone Empire From His HKUST Dorm

HKUST, which has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, hosts the incubation studies of around 70-80 start-ups by its students, alumni, and faculty every year. For example, DJI founder Frank Wang laid the groundwork for his billion-dollar drone empire in his dorm at HKUST. Seven of the 18 unicorns were founded by or in partnership with HKUST members, according to the list of unicorn start-ups (startups worth more than $1 million) released this year by the Hong Kong X Foundation and CGTN.

HKUST values ​​innovation, interdisciplinary programs, and curiosity-driven learning. UROP’Other than that, Major+X, which allows students to flexibly combine a science or engineering major with an extended major in an emerging field such as artificial intelligence, fintech, or digital media and creative arts , or IIM, where students can design their own curriculum with courses from different departments or even different universities (Individualized Interdisciplinary Division) offers a unique and flexible curriculum. The university is opening a new campus in Guangzhou, mainland China, in September. Students from both campuses will be able to share resources and associate with each other’s programs. This will be an opportunity for Turkish students to discover China. .

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