Important World of Dexter Details to Remember Before Watching Dexter: New Blood

Before watching the new season of the Dexter series titled Dexter: New Blood, we have compiled the important moments from the Dexter universe and our expectations of the new season for you.

Published between 2006 and 2013, with Michael C. Hall DexterThe film focused on the turbulent life of Dexter Morgan, who works as a blood spatter analyst at the Miami Police Department and also lives as a serial killer, and garnered a lot of public attention when it aired. But the end of the original series with a disappointing finale in the final season creates even more excitement for the new season of Dexter: New Blood. Years have passed and we are only a few days away from watching Dexter: New Blood, are you ready to take a journey through the history of Dexter?

***This article may contain spoilers for Dexter for those who haven’t watched it yet.***

Dexter ended its broadcast life with a finale that shocked its fans, even though it was an audience-loved series when it aired. In the show’s final episode, which was the center of negative reviews, Dexter went into solitary confinement after the death of his half-sister Debra, disappeared and convinced many people he was dead, and appeared as a lumberjack in the last scene. . At that time, there were comments that the producers made such a move in order to continue the series in later years. These comments have now come true. Because Dexter is ready to return to the screens after years with its new season!

from the directory Dexter: new blood Set ten years after Dexter disappeared in Hurricane Laura and lives under an alias in the fictional town of Iron Lake in New York.

If you are excited about the adventures of our hero in the new season, the Dexter list we have prepared for you is for you! Let’s take a look at what you need to remember about the series’ story before you start Dexter: New Blood.

Dexter episodes to remember before watching Dexter: New Blood

Dexter is a long series spanning eight seasons. Each season has a different dynamic. No one expects the life of a serial killer to be ordinary, do they? Based on this situation, the series’ writing team confuses the audience every episode and reflects the emotional changes of the characters on the screen.

So, which episodes of Dexter should we rewatch before watching Dexter: New Blood? The answer to that question comes from Michael C. Hall, who plays our hero in the film’s lead role, and he wants us to watch four great episodes of Dexter again. Let’s take a closer look at which of these sections are.

Dexter (Season 1, Episode 1)

“Tonight, that night…” Dexter comes into our lives with his words. The first episode of the series, of course, is a very important episode to understand what kind of life our main character leads, what he does and why he wants to kill people.

Dexter, who leads a double life, attempts to destroy criminals who have managed to evade the justice system, from his own moral perspective. In the first episode of the series, she finds herself investigating the deaths of her wives who were victims of serial murders through her sister Debra. For Dexter, it’s a good idea to say he draws blood. This chain of events, which further provokes the desire to kill, brings us into the world of Dexter. On the other hand, Dexter does his best to look normal, be a good person and adapt to social life. As a viewer, we decide at this point to have no aversion to Dexter.

Seeing Red (Season 1, Episode 10)

Episode 10 of Season 1 is one of the key episodes in which we see Dexter come to terms with the nightmares of his past, travel to a murder scene committed by the Ice Truck Killer, and leave Dexter at the crime scene perhaps. be the most gruesome, leaving him confronted with a pent up emotion from his past. Plus, witnessing an event from his past as a serial killer and normal human being that brought him to this point is a priceless moment for us viewers.

Go Your Own Way (Season 3, Episode 10)

The 3rd season, which almost feels like chess moves, we witness the race for supremacy between Dexter and Miguel, and we see new sparks of Debra’s relationship with Anton, the 10th episode of the 3rd season, where we open new windows in the stories of the characters, show us that things will get out of control especially for Dexter in the next seasons, and Dexter It attracts attention as a section that should be on fans’ radar immediately.

The Getaway (Season 4, Episode 12)

The fourth season is also one of the most admired seasons of the series. Besides what we expected, Rita’s death was the most shocking moment of the season. He found Rita’s lifeless body just when he thought he could resume his normal life after Dexter had long pursued Trinity and killed him. It’s one of the unforgettable moments for Dexter viewers, especially when Rita’s body was found, and she held Harrison in her arms and cried.

Unforgettable moments

If we separate the episodes and the scenes that Michael C. Hall said, what is the first thing that comes to mind of the unforgettable scenes of the series? We can immediately enumerate the scenes with the character of Arthur Mitchell, known as Trinity Killer, or important scenes like the death of Laguerta. Undoubtedly, there are many more unforgettable scenes in the series, but these scenes that I mentioned are unforgettable moments in Dexter and Debra’s life. Let’s take a closer look at some of these moments that illustrate the duo’s resistance to events.

Arthur, who has a shared history with Dexter, appears to be a good family man on the outside, but is a serial killer who was abused by his father as a child. After killing his victims, leaving them at other crime scenes, Arthur falls under Dexter’s radar. But Arthur is not easy for Dexter. Although Dexter attempted to approach Arthur by introducing himself under a different name, Arthur, who learned his true identity, completed the final link in the murder trilogy with Rita. Much like Michael C. Hall mentioned above, in the Season 4 finale, Dexter found his six-month-old son, Harrison, crying in his mother’s pool of blood. Perhaps Arthur’s murder of Rita in this way was a move that destroyed Dexter’s love even though he couldn’t admit it, and of course it was a major turning point in Dexter’s life.

The death of Laguerta: Yes, who among us was not upset in this scene which constitutes the finale of the 7th season? If we rewind the tape a bit; As Dexter plans to brutally assassinate Laguerta, who managed to reveal her true identity in a container, Debra bursts in and catches Dexter in action. In this scene, which is a turning point in Debra’s life, Debra kills Laguerta with her own gun, just because of her love for Dexter, after her inner conflict. After this landmark scene, Debra and Dexter are seen holding hands at their friend’s party and the season comes to an end. It’s an unforgettable scene when Debra, with only a few sobs, overcomes the guilt of the murder she committed with the power of her love for Dexter and returns to the party with a level-headed attitude. Plus, it’s an important time to see Debra’s outlook on life in Season 8 and her feelings for Dexter from a high place. This transformation of Debra is also a reflection of a successful character creation.

What awaits us in Dexter: New Blood?

So what will we encounter in the new season? What exactly should we expect from Dexter: New Blood?

In New Blood, Dexter turns a blank page of his new life under a false name. But the instinct to kill will continue to eat away at him. The murders committed in the city where he lives will remind him of his past life. Seeing Debra, who died at the end of Season 8, in the New Blood trailers allows us to theorize that this character is a figment of the imagination inside Dexter’s head. Deb in the trailer “I can’t wait to kill again, haven’t you learned anything?” she asks, confusing Dexter.

In fact, it came as a bit of a surprise to fans to learn that Arthur Mitchell will be participating, as well as seeing the adult version of Harrison in the trailers. How Arthur will be positioned in the series is a question mark.

By the way, New Blood is a “limited” series of 10 episodes. It is a production that has a clear beginning and ends its story in a single season, but unlike the miniseries, it does not completely rule out the possibility of possible new seasons later. In other words, rather than a new Dexter series that will last for seasons, it’s a story that can continue depending on the reactions it receives and the preferences of its creators, but which will essentially come together after ten episodes. We will therefore see together if New Blood can continue its broadcast life with a new season. Now all we have to do as spectators November 7Watch Dexter: New Blood on!

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