Is science done?

Some books are meant to be read and re-read. I’ve read George Orwell’s 1984 -even though I translated it myself- from time to time, here and there, and I’m flabbergasted. After Orwell said that in this novel, studies that will only benefit the arms industry are now being carried out, and that this is the only field of study offered to those inclined to invention and science, to those who want to do science, so that they can linger and think they are doing science, and adds the following:

“In Oceania (i.e. the fictional country of the novel) in the present we live in, science in the past sense is hardly practiced anymore… The word ‘science’ does not exist anyway … Moreover, the occurrence of all technological development depends on the fact that the products of this development can only be used to restrict people’s freedoms. …Of the party [amaçlarından] one is to leave nothing like the possibility of independent thought on earth. The Party therefore has two problems to solve. The first is to find an answer to the question of how we learn what is going on in another person’s mind; the second is… how to wipe out a few hundred million people in seconds. … Today’s scientist is a mix of psychologist and inquisitor, exploring the meaning of facial expressions, gestures and tones of voice, and experimenting with the role of drugs, shock therapy, hypnosis and body torture for telling the truth. … some are engaged in the preparation … of ever more sophisticated bombs… with ever greater explosive power; others…seek to find pathogens that are immune to all antibiotics, or attempt to build self-flying aircraft that are not tethered to a base, as opposed to ships that are base-bound; there are others who do such frivolous work as focusing the sun’s rays through lenses suspended thousands of miles in space, or using the heat from the center of the earth to create tremors earthen.

After reading these disturbing forecasts, one involuntarily thinks of drones, cell phones, the Internet, email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and even to covid. All of that, yes, serves that sinister purpose that Orwell was talking about, killing people, spying, reading people’s minds.

I recently read that a scientific article by a Turkish student was published in the NASA magazine. Well, of course, but what’s the point? Now let me not say anything bad, I guess it’s something like on which planet we can find a solution to the problem of drought or thirst caused by global warming…

I wonder if those who screw up the earth find courage in such scientific research projects. Because I can’t find an answer to the recklessness and incredible selfishness of these looters. What does it mean to say “ditch this world” to earn more and faster money?! The waters are running out, let them flow; the seas, the rivers, the lakes, the lands become polluted, let them be polluted; The air is poisoned, let it be poisoned! The world will perish!

Science is no longer supported by public funds, as we know, it is generally supported by private capital, so it is unthinkable that capital does not try to direct science. I suspect scientific research issues for this. I wonder, do the researchers, consciously or unconsciously, want to say to the capital: “Don’t worry, we will think about a solution”?

But I trust real scientists. Capital wants to make a quick profit, while scientists never do science for immediate and direct ends. In fact, most of the time they do research without thinking about what it is going to do, and often the useful results of these studies are obtained years later.

While finding gravity, Newton probably didn’t have in mind organizing tourist space trips like Elon Musk and breaking the cash. He also has fond memories of Edison. When Edison invented the gramophone, he wasn’t quite sure what it would do, and he told those who asked, that it could be used to record people’s last words on their deathbed. Later, when he learned that the gramophone was used to record music, he got very angry and felt insulted. Rarely do real scientists do anything with the idea of ​​”profit”, with dreams of turning science into money immediately.

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