Last minute… Minister Koca announced the good news like this! The final fence in the coronavirus nightmare…


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the latest coronavirus data from his social media account. Minister Koca announced that the number of hospitals in Turkey without a single Covid patient in intensive care is 804. In his message, Minister Koca said: “The number of hospitals with ‘zero’ inpatients is 519 May God not let these difficult days come to our district.


Ankara City Hospital Intensive Care Specialist and Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Sema Turan said that after 2 years, the number of cases in intensive care units decreased to a large extent. Explaining that 2 years were very difficult for him because he worked in the intensive care unit, Turan said: “All our friends in intensive care, all the doctors working in the intensive care unit and everyone else health workers went through a difficult process. Because we seemed to be experiencing an outbreak of acute respiratory failure and there were many people who needed oxygen in the intensive care unit. We were with the patient. We tried to supporting them. Young patients, elderly patients, pregnant patients, we met different types of patients and we experienced different things in each of them. We were sad with the patients we lost, but a holiday air blew in the intensive care unit for the patients we picked up and transferred to the ward. Believe me. I say this with all my feelings and sincerity that it was a difficult process, and we We went through this period actively for 2 years. It was also a very tiring time. Because when the process related to your work increased, you had to let go of some things. All healthcare workers have experienced this, so they should not be forgotten either. I think. It was a difficult process, but it was a task; We were going to do it and we were always honored to do it. I hope neither our country nor the world will encounter such a thing again,” he said.



teacher. Dr. Turan said that with the arrival of the summer months, the course of the epidemic will decrease significantly and said, “We have seen in recent years that the number of cases has somewhat decreased during the summer months. summer. The fact that we have the vaccine “At this time, the protection provided by the increase in the number of fully vaccinated individuals is very significant, and the number of cases has also decreased. “It is also significant to have it. That’s why I have a lot of hope this summer. I think we will achieve much more prosperity in the summer. I think we will sort of get rid of the Covid-19 epidemic,” he said.


teacher. Dr. Turan said the following about the end of the epidemic:

“I think like this; you know, the epidemic that the world had before was the first type of Sars and Mers, which came after the Spanish flu 100 years ago. They did not create such a pandemic , but the Spanish flu was actually a At that time, the end of the pandemic was clearly announced. “There was no such thing. In fact, this is how pandemics end. No one can easily make this statement. I think it will gradually decrease over time, extending over time, and when it becomes endemic, now we know this disease, we can cure it even if it spreads.”



The Department of Health has shared the April 12 coronavirus chart. According to the announced table, 191 thousand 26 Covid-19 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours, 6 thousand 635 people tested positive, 25 people died.


Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Lecturer and President of Turkish Intensive Care Association, Prof. Dr. Recalling that the one-third occupancy rate of Kovid ICUs announced by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca in a statement last week, Oktay Demirkıran said: “Kovid patients in ICUs across Turkey have really gone down In most centers the Kovid intensive care units are being closed one by one Beds are being kept on standby for our surgical patients, who we now call electives, who have been postponed due to the pandemic .


teacher. Dr. Demirkıran said: “Last year, all the beds in our hospital were full, and even when the additional intensive care unit was opened, as of today, we only have one critical patient left with Covid-19. We understand that the occupancy rate in intensive care units across Turkey has decreased compared to the data we have received.”

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