Last minute: Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag in A News

On the issue of social media, Bozdağ said that currently there are public prosecutor’s offices and social media courts in Turkey.

Stating that the judges, who are independent and impartial in their duties, make their decisions with a conscience conviction bound by the constitution, law and law, Bozdağ said the case and the evidence are under review.

Bozdağ said, “Social media writes, journalists write like this, commentators say if the judge looks at it, the judge will forget about the case. This time a completely different decision will emerge with a conscience that is far from the constitution, the law, the law and the evidence.” If his conscience is bound to the law, the constitution, the law, he is If it is not tied to any place, to satisfy the public, to the media, to other things, then that consciousness becomes like a leaf in the wind, it goes here and there.” he said.

Stressing the importance of justifying judges’ decisions, Bozdağ said a decision should not be made with incomplete evidence.


Recalling that dismissals took place in the justice system after the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) coup attempt, Bozdağ said that there are people who take office at the age of 25 and that this is not a new situation.

Stressing that the judiciary and the Turkish nation have paid a heavy price for FETO’s invasion, Bozdağ said:

“We ended FETO’s occupation and influence in the judiciary. We excluded what we found in the Turkish judiciary. It is our responsibility to let him deliver justice. The balance of justice must be properly adjusted. The state must not allow it to deteriorate. One of the main duties of the Ministry of Justice and of governments is to keep this balance in balance, never to let it deteriorate. or to those who want to bribe her. We didn’t allow it and we cleaned them up. We did Turkey a great service.”


Stating that a period of 3 years is foreseen for the judge and deputy prosecutor, Bozdağ said: “I predict that it will be discussed in parliament in May. Our parliament has the power to propose and enact laws. Our deputies We are also providing them with logistical support When this becomes law, it will be January 1. We will put the new system into operation in 2023. Thus, we will bring a more qualified training system for judges and prosecutors to our law. and our judiciary.” he said.

“Do you think there are cryptographic elements of FETO?” Bozdag pointed out that FETO is an organization disguised as a thousand.

Noting that the state’s criminal approach to FETO is under the AK Party governments, Bozdağ recalled what happened during the elections of members of the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) in 2014. Bozdağ said that the step that broke FETO’s back was taken after the Unity candidates in the judiciary won those elections.

Stating that decisions regarding evictions are subject to judicial review, Bozdağ said:

“FETO, including the judiciary, does not have the qualifications to be a founder, playmaker or organizing actor within the state. There is no one known in the market at the moment, but is there anyone on the shore, in the corner, in crypto, is there anyone hiding? “a terrorist organization that puts on a thousand disguises. There may be someone hiding like that. We’ll see how long they can be hidden. They don’t have such power or means to be active in the state at the moment. They don’t have the opportunity to stand up and do anything because he is a member of the FETO. As soon as we notice it, the prosecutors and the administration do the necessary ” When we determine, we cannot and will not hesitate to do what is necessary under our law. Those who work in the state have an obligation of loyalty to their state, their nation and their constitution. If you act against the duty of loyalty to your constitution, your state and your nation, the state has the right not to work with you.”

Asked about criticism over the transfer of the trial of 26 defendants to Saudi judicial authorities over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate General, Bozdağ said the law should be considered rather than political criticism.

Emphasizing that Khashoggi’s murder is not something that can be approved and that Turkey is the only country that has adopted the most effective, determined and honorable behavior in this regard, Bozdağ said: “Since 2018, no progress was realized in the trial. Because there are 26 defendants, there are 26 defendants to be tried. He must be brought before the Turkish court, and since they are Saudi citizens, they have not been present in court until today. he said.

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