LAST MINUTE | President Erdogan’s economic message: We are entering a new phase, purchasing power will be higher than before

“As the AK Party, while we have been working for 20 years to bring our country to the most advanced level of democracy and development, we have focused on a few areas, almost trembling. The first of them is a project which will eradicate the backwardness, lack of infrastructure and misery that can be seen in every inch of our country, from villages to districts and provincial centers. It is a mobilization of investment. I watched it at TV today. All the wheat fields of Edirne are covered with tar and maybe you’ve watched it too. Now dear friends. Won’t we say that? Let’s not just cost our country, don’t will we not cost the world also we have just opened Tokat Airport along with all this the number of airports in Turkey has increased to 57 from now on and i hope the number will reach 60 by the end of this year. All of these are ours. ‘Memory -i-five is disabled by nisyan.’ If we tell this, if we engrave it in hearts and minds, citizens will say: “It’s true, they really exist.” begins to say.

Stating that they have brought works and services that touch the life of every citizen with schools, universities, sports facilities, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, electricity, natural gas, quality of buildings, urban transformation and social supports, President Erdoğan said: “The second issue we are focusing on is strengthening our democracy, expanding rights and freedoms and eliminating all grievances that the people of this country have known since the era of one-party fascism.” mentioned.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he came to the program from Çankaya Mansion and said:

“Here in Ankara, now I’m from Çankaya. There are no potholes on the way. You know, we used to say mud, Ankara is experiencing that right now. Is- what Istanbul is different? No. We had a trio, trash-mud, when we arrived in Istanbul, that’s how we got it. Just now, the old Turkey comes back. My friends , we must tell our nation. We will tell them, we will tell them so that our nation can mark them on this basis. We are proud to have carried out this great transformation which we call the “silent revolutions “.of the national will and sharpened its determination to protect the independence and future of our nation.”

Noting that one of the areas close to their hearts is the defense industry, Erdoğan stressed that neither democracy nor development can be truly established in a country where the people whose lives and property are not secure, who cannot see the future and who have given up hope for their future.


“For this, you need a strong army to protect our borders, a strong police and gendarmerie organization to ensure internal peace, and an intelligence agency equipped to keep you informed constantly and on time.” said Erdogan, noting that they first started with the fight against terrorism. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“We took the risk that no one would dare to solve the problem of terrorism, which has turned into a hindrance at the feet of our country, without more bloodshed, more burning hearts, and we have taken measures to solve it peacefully. It is with this sincere intention that we launched the initiative known as the “solution process” in the public. We have seen that the terrorist organization does not understand this language and continues to other objectives, so we said: “we will speak the language they understand”. of our borders, on top of that, we went down to the source of the swamp and created a permanent security corridor beyond our borders. How did we get here? As you know, the Turkey fights against terrorism since is years. Not only politically, but also in the defense industry. Our industry was now in a state of overcoming its infancy and back on its feet.”

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