Migrant revolt of truckers: 5 thousand euros

Trucks carrying the burden of export from Turkey to European countries wait for days in queues of more than 20 kilometers at the Hamzabeyli border gate opening from Edirne to Bulgaria, and in the TIR parks at Kapıkule border gate for days. Truckers said they were in a very difficult situation, especially in Bulgaria and Serbia, due to arbitrary fines and illegal immigrants who cut the tarpaulins of their vehicles and smuggled in.

Truck driver Muhsin Kazan, who was asked for a bribe in Bulgaria and slapped for not giving, came to the Kapıkule border gate to give a statement to the Sofia Police Department. Truck driver Muhsin Kazan, who was queuing for the exit, was supported by Kapıkule’s Transport World International Drivers Association. The president of the association, Hakan Yücel, drew attention to the problems faced by TIR drivers. Yücel said Turkish truck drivers are subject to bribes in Bulgaria as well as fines of 383 euros with the “BGtoll” road pricing system. Saying that he had to pay a fine of 5,000 euros at the Bajakovo border gate in Croatia because of the immigrants who sneaked into the vehicles of Turkish truck drivers, Yücel asked the authorities to help him solve the problems.

Hakan Yücel, president of the Association of International Transport Drivers, said that after Muhsin Kazan was slapped, they conveyed the incident to the Turkish Ambassador in Sofia, Aylin Eightkök, and said: “They sent us a list of lawyers in follow-up to the incident. We will file our case with the list of lawyers and an action for moral damages will be filed. It is. “It’s a shame for the Turks that our passports are thrown on the ground and that our people are slapped. We will continue with all our might to take back this shame in return for this lawsuit,” he said.


Saying that Turkish drivers face many problems, like the problem of beatings in Kazan, Yücel said: “We call any transport policeman, we pay bribes. He threatens to take a bribe from the shed and takes bribes from you. or the loads in the vehicle will be lowered. So called ‘BGtoll’, there is a road toll cell. In this establishment, there is a penalty of 383 euros when one of the cameras does not read a vehicle, and 406 euros to shoot with a card. What does the driver earn? When he leaves his allowance there, the transport driver is in a difficult situation. This is the beginning of the end of this difficult situation. “We don’t want that to happen. ask our state elders. We also want to be hard workers,” he said.

The driver slapped by the Bulgarian police went to make a statement

After the DHA reported that truck driver Muhsin Kazan had been slapped by Bulgarian police, the Bulgarian district prosecutor’s office in Sofia opened an investigation against the policeman on the grounds that news and images in the press and police demanded bribes and caused bodily harm. The prosecutor’s office instructed the Internal Security Directorate of the Interior Ministry to conduct an investigation to generate data on the possible composition of crimes of a general nature. On instructions, the police in Sofia suspended the policeman who had slapped him and was with him, suspended him and opened an investigation against him.

As Kazan is again on his way to bring textile products to Germany, he will visit the police department in Sofia, where he was invited, to make a statement. Stating that they were phoned through a translator from the Sofia Police Department, Kazan said: “They made a statement that they wanted to meet, that the police were suspended, that their jobs were fired , that they would not receive a retirement pension or anything. I told them that the embassy in Sofia was behind me and that I would come under their supervision. I will first talk about the hardships we went through on the roads. After that, I will say that the police first wanted to penalize me, then waived the fine and asked for a bribe, but there was a camera in my car and I took a video. I will say I was beaten unfairly, my pride was hurt, I was dishonored by the world,” he said.


Truck driver Hüsnü Demirezer claimed that illegal immigrants were transported by minibus to Edirne’s Hamzabeyli border gate, which opened into Bulgaria. Noting that drivers couldn’t sleep because of fear of immigrants, Demirezer said, “People are transporting illegal immigrants in minibuses on the highway. They come to the area where the trucks are, they disperse there. and whose head will they burn? They transport people in minibuses in the Hamzabeyli area. We can’t sleep in our car because of our fear: “We keep watch until morning. We want a solution,” he said.(ADH)


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