Presentation of the technologies to be used during the 6th national scientific expedition to Antarctica

President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal said that the technologies developed with national and national resources will also be used in this year’s Antarctic scientific expedition, and said that the energy that will be obtained from the heat cells among them will be able to meet the heating and water needs that the research team will need in emergency situations.

Presentation and delivery ceremony of national technologies that will be used in the “6th National Scientific Expedition to Antarctica”, which will start on Saturday, was held in TUBITAK with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank .

Mandal, in his speech here, thanked Minister Varank for his support, all the organizations that provide the essential technologies that Turkey needs, and Anadolu Agency, which will provide communication support during the scientific expedition.

Stating that as TÜBİTAK, they have been carrying out activities for a long time in order to have a say in the future of Turkey, Antarctica and the Arctic, and the protection of the poles, Mandal said “This approach, which we have summarized as co-development and co-production, responds to the complex, dynamic and variable issues that we face and allows us to create inclusive solutions. mentioned.

Mandal recalled that Turkey had organized the first national scientific expedition to Antarctica under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Technology with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2017 in order to be among the leading countries in scientific research and research. technological production.

“Thermal battery” facility on the Glacial Continent

Pointing out that among the products that will be used at the poles during this year’s scientific expedition, there are “thermal batteries” developed by TUBITAK with national and national resources, Mandal said that the thermal battery produced and developed by the TUBITAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) is a fundamental part of many systems and is widely used as a power source.

Mandal noted that as TÜBİTAK SAGE, they have eliminated foreign dependence on thermal batteries in the defense industry through their successful work for many years and made Turkey an exporting country. thermal batteries to many countries.

Emphasizing that the use of thermal batteries in the scientific expedition will provide many benefits, Mandal said, “Thanks to the thermal energy that will be obtained from these batteries, the heating and liquid water needs of the team search in case of emergency will be satisfied”. he said.

Emphasizing that as TÜBİTAK, they aim to develop and produce these technologies as well as create qualified human resources to carry out studies in this field, Mandal said that they have organized the “Polar Festival”, the “Polar Science Workshops” for this purpose and with the 2204-C high school students’ polar research project competition that they organized within the framework of TEKNOFEST explained that they support their projects in this field.

Mandal said that all the work they have done in this area has shown that Turkey has become a country that produces and develops these technologies with its own resources, rather than a country that follows technological developments, and that they will continue to participate in the studies that Turkey will carry out in the field of polar research such as TUBITAK.

ASELSAN radio support to the Antarctic team

Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of ASELSAN, said he follows the work carried out in Antarctica under the leadership of TÜBİTAK on behalf of Turkey with great enthusiasm, curiosity and pride.

Stating that as ASELSAN they have sent modular mobile radio and repeater systems to Antarctica for testing and use, Görgün said communication products developed with state and national resources and tested under the conditions the most difficult will be reliable supporters of scientists in a very difficult environment. domain.

Görgün pointed out that the 3,700 portable radios they sent to Antarctica, with 15 design awards, are among ASELSAN’s most successful communication products in their category, adding, “Our radios will add new to their success in many harsh environments around the world, and will be the companions of our teams in the harsh environment of the Arctic.” used the expression.

Haluk Görgün noted that the “Portable Hybrid Power Support Unit”, which generates power with high-efficiency solar panels for the uninterrupted operation of the systems and can be installed by two people, will also provide power support to scientists in Antarctica. , where there is no electrical infrastructure.

HAVELSAN presented its GNSS receiver

HAVELSAN Managing Director Mehmet Akif Nacar informed that they had their first meeting with TÜBİTAK MAM (KARE) Polar Research Institute officials at TEKNOFEST 2021 and said that they had developed HAVELSAN GNSS Receiver in a short period of 4 months and that it will be used for the first time in the national polar expedition to Antarctica.

Stating that the HAVELSAN GNSS Receiver calculates location and provides global coverage using satellites from many different countries such as GPS, Galileo, Beidu, Glonass, QZSS, Nacar said, “The HAVELSAN GNSS Receiver provides uninterrupted working performance with real-time location, speed and time. information.” made his appreciation.

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin and Deputy Director General of TÜRKSAT Satellite Services Selman Demirel also attended the ceremony.

Domestic technologies will be the hand of the expedition team

According to information given at the meeting, the Isatphone 2 satellite phone, which is part of the products of TÜRKSAT, can establish telephone communications from anywhere in the world. At the same time, in an emergency, it can send location information with one click and request help.

With the lightweight and portable BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) device, voice services can be obtained from anywhere in the world via the Internet and IP. It is also possible to stream in HD quality with the BGAN device.

Thermal batteries, on the other hand, are superior to their alternatives in most areas where they are used, as they meet requirements such as long life, maintenance-free, high energy supply for short periods, rapid triggering, no -exhaustion, high reliability, wide operating temperature range and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Thermal batteries, which can provide the expected performance even at minus 90 degrees, can perform their functions without any problems, especially in emergency situations, in the extremely cold climatic conditions of Antarctica, where other battery technologies can’t work.

In addition, thermal batteries, which can be stored for more than 20 years in cold climatic conditions with their long service life and can maintain the initial energy level even after 20 years without requiring maintenance, can produce energy. electrical energy very quickly and decisively in an emergency, on the other hand, thanks to the calorific energy obtained by using its high surface temperature, it will help to cover heating and liquid water needs.

These technologies were presented by Minister Varank after the speeches, by the Director of TÜBİTAK MAM KARE and Officer of the 6th National Scientific Expedition to Antarctica, Prof. Dr. It was delivered to Burcu Özsoy.

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