The disused building transformed into a textile workshop has become a job opportunity for 130 people.

NECMETTİN KARACA – The municipality, which turned the unused bus station building in Çaldıran district of Van into a textile workshop and assigned it to a contract manufacturing company, provided work for 130 people.

Mayor of Çaldıran, Şefik Ensari, started using the unused building as a textile workshop to provide job opportunities for young people in the neighborhood.

The building, which was renovated despite the freezing winter cold, and whose usable area was increased to 2,000 square meters with additional sections, was transformed into a textile workshop where 300 people would be employed.

Businessman Cihan Yazıcı, who came to Antalya district at the invitation of President Ensari and made an investment, employed 130 people, mostly young girls, in the workshop where he started production about a month ago.

The company, which ships the products it manufactures for the brands with which it has agreements in European countries as well as in many provinces, aims to increase the number of its employees to 300 and an annual export of 10 million dollars. euros.

– It is important that our businessmen from Antalya come here”

President Ensari told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their goal has been to contribute to employment and economy since the day they took office.

Explaining that they converted the unused building into a textile workshop in order to fulfill their promises, Ensari said:

“We have repaired our building, completed the natural gas and other installations. Currently, 130 young people are employed here. We are satisfied with it. The goal here is to employ 300 people and provide employment for more people. The “The main thing is that our businessmen in Antalya come here and produce. This will bring other businessmen to come here. Our young girls work here to support their families. The products produced are exported to Europe. We are proud to have brought this investment to our district.”

– “Our goal is to export 10 million euros”

Company owner Cihan Yazıcı said he decided to produce in Çaldıran district, which is one of the coldest places in Turkey.

Noting that they export their products to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, Yazıcı said: “Since Çaldıran is very close to the Iranian border, we have the opportunity to expand to the is from here and export to countries in the region. . Our goal by the end of the year is to reach an export figure of 3 million euros. Employment will increase to 300. We want to remove it. We benefit from state incentives. Çaldıran Municipality provided us here. We thank our President.” he said.

Stating that the unused building has been revamped and turned into a modern workshop, Yazıcı continued:

“As our work is based on human labor, this is one of the places where we can achieve the most efficiency. The young population is high. If there are companies that want to invest in the East, don’t hesitate. We are very happy here, we think they will also gain in efficiency. The staff are faithful to their profession, everyone values ​​their bread here.” “Our goal is to export 10 million euros in the coming years. Our quality is increasing day by day. We have a great chance to work with large companies because we have price competition here. We will do the better use of the opportunities offered by the State.

– “We are happy to work here”

One of the employees, Bahar Yıldırım, said she had previously worked in Antalya and decided to return to her hometown when she learned that a factory was open in the district.

Stating that more than 90 percent of the workshop workers are women, Yıldırım said, “We meet our own needs and support our family economically here. I am very happy. Our masters give us very good training. I had never worked in a textile factory before, but learned early on from the training I received here.We make beautiful shirts and t-shirts.

Nazar Çiçek said, “Opening a textile factory in Çaldıran has been a great advantage for us. We want these investments to continue. I have two brothers who study at school, I cater to their needs. used the expression.

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