The food problem in Turkey is a national state problem.

The relationship between agri-food policies and food security in Turkey was assessed using various statistical data. When the level of food production and the amount of food needed are compared to the global level, it can be seen that the production is higher than the amount needed.

This situation reveals that food security is not only a concept linked to production. In this respect, food security, which covers all production, distribution and consumption relations and processes, from farm to fork, is closely linked to agricultural and food policies. On the other hand; The food management system must be renamed in order to understand the connection between the political economy of food and the development of the nation-state, and to define global food policies in certain periods.

In Turkey, there is a close relationship based on mutual interaction between changes in the agricultural sector and production and distribution processes in the food sector. In Turkey, which was one of the countries capable of feeding itself until the 1970s, it became necessary to import basic foodstuffs from time to time due to the evolution of agro-food policies after 1980.

The distribution or distribution of the total income obtained from the goods and services produced in a country among the individuals living in that country is defined as the income distribution. Imbalances in income distribution are at the root of many socio-economic and socio-cultural problems, including hunger and poverty. In this context, while assessing the food security/food insecurity situation of a country, it is unavoidable to assess income distribution and imbalances in income distribution in that country.

There is a relationship between food security and the level of poverty. As the level of poverty increases, food insecurity also increases. Food security analyzes based on the established relationship between the amount of food produced and the population are important to present an average value. However, said value is not absolute food safety.

Food security and food safety are among the priority issues in all countries lately. Food safety becomes a condition of food security, especially with the addition of the expressions of supplying healthy and safe food to the consumer, to the concept of food safety. This is one of the priority issues in terms of nation states where healthy individuals live.

In the assessments made on food security, it is stated that food security has improved in almost all regions of the world, and he draws attention to the fact that the gap between the developed Western countries, which are in top of the ranking, and the Saharan countries sub-region, which are at the bottom, has shrunk. Common factors affecting this development; improved storage system, reduced food losses during production and consumption, improved eating habits and increased access to high quality protein sources.

The causes of food insecurity in developing and developed countries are separated from each other by many issues such as country income level, lack of education, political risks and corruption. Developing countries, which cannot find the necessary financial resources for infrastructure that will ensure food security, have many food-related problems, especially on the supply side, while developed countries face consumption-based issues such as the rise in obesity.

It is important to implement the legislation developed for food safety in Turkey. Especially if the necessary precautions are not taken in areas where problems are detected, it is revealed that significant problems can be encountered in accessing sufficient, healthy and nutritious food in the medium and long term with the effect of factors such as as population growth and global climate change. On the other hand, it is important for future strategies that the databases provided for the international food safety indices are reliable.

Accordingly, although there are some developments in the legislation and agenda in terms of food safety in Turkey, there are problems in practice, and in general, positive developments in food safety, including food security, will be determined accordingly- oriented manner in line with macro-level social and economic policies available with tools.

The system of public administration must act jointly in the decisions it takes for the benefit of the nation, and not for personal interests. To give an example, except on the side of the development of agricultural land, the decisions to be taken by the local administrators in the assemblies must pass through a serious control mechanism, otherwise it is obvious that some looters and selfish people cannot be prevented. . my ship.

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