Treasury and Finance Minister Nabati: The world has followed the Turkish economic model

Speaking at the rally held at Cumhuriyet Square in Viranşehir District in Şanlıurfa, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said, “We are currently under pressure from inflation. What problem have we solved for 20 years? We have overcome much bigger problems for 20 years. We overcame those things with his prayer, and we will come back from now on,” he said.

Explaining that investments in the city will continue, Nebati stressed that no one can hinder the entrepreneurs who are going to invest in this country. Minister Nebati said, “We know how to fight those who block our investors. We will stand before those who create bureaucratic obstacles. You can see us as the main raiders in our president’s war against the bureaucratic oligarchy. We stand before We do it both with public-private cooperation projects and direct investment, we will do it,” he said.

Continuing his speech, Minister Nebati said that Turkey continues to grow and said: “For two years we have tried not to reflect it, and Turkey has been one of the most important countries in the world that positively distinguishes. We are under inflation pressure. We’ll solve it, what problem haven’t we solved for 20 years. We have overcome much more gigantic problems for 20 years. By Allah’s permission, we have overcome these problems with your support and prayers. We will continue to do so. All the members of the cabinet under the leadership of our President, Our ministers, our deputies, our mayors are all at your disposal, but we are all at your disposal. We are working, we will continue to work, and we are the ones who know. best way to fight inflation. These days will pass. Don’t forget that after each ordeal, there is ease. When the epidemic started in this country 2 years ago, ‘this country is dead, it’s over. Those who say ‘burn out’ want to see growth and development in 2 years. when they saw it, they banged their heads against the walls. But don’t worry, I’m calling out to those who are spreading pessimism today, trying to demoralize people today, as we go to London to talk about Turkey and try to attract investment to Turkey, I challenges those who complain about Turkey. We are the representatives of a powerful country, and this country, by Allah’s permission, does not thank anyone or beg him. We are the representative of a country which has the civilization of the strong country and which knows its power inherited from the past. We do not bow to difficulties. Two years ago, they said: ‘This country has burned down, it’s over’, just as they were wrong for 2 years, they will be wrong now. I repeat, we will overcome these difficult global conditions,” he said.

that the nation has started to trust the Turkish lira and that Turkey economy Stressing that the pattern is a reality and the world is following this pattern, Nebati said, “Currency prices are reasonable, this time they started asking ‘why is it reasonable, what are you doing?’ There is faith. The nation has started to trust the Turkish lira. The nation has started to discover the beauty of doing business with the Turkish lira. As our entrepreneurs do business, they have learned not to do business at an interest rate above inflation. , but at rates far, far below inflation. The nation has realized the power of the Turkish lira. These difficult days will pass. This nation knows how to overcome these pessimists, just as we overcame inflation and inflation Act with the self-confidence brought by the spirit of brotherhood of our unit and our barber Never will we give credit to the false tears of those who say: “It sank, burned, it’s over. This country is strong”. The country is pleased with Allah and the nation is pleased, and it will continue to do so in the future, just as it has led us to serve for 20 years. Because we do our work with faith , we do it with respect, we carry the nation on our heads, we say “we are the servants of the nation”, so alhamdulillah our work is easily solved and continues after every difficulty, just as it is with ease. Let ’em talk, let ’em complain, let ’em look away, let ’em go overseas news Let them steal, they are not social networks, they slander, whatever they do, we will be the winners. As long as we walk together, we will walk together. “Their life is a lie. Minister Nabati said, ‘Go and get foreign currency’, we said, ‘Don’t do it, it’s not the right thing, we said economic realities don’t respond to that, they did laughed at us and continued to slander us. They have not renounced all kinds of manipulative and speculative discourse. They even said words that amounted to treason, what happened was arranged on December 20,” he said.

Treasury and Finance Minister Nabati: The world has followed the Turkish economic model

Noting that they would not allow manipulations, Minister Nureddin Nebati said: “They have done manipulative things again with a social media game. They said, “The country is running out of sunflower oil,” and they made the nation stock up on sunflowers by sharing fake documents, fake photos, or pictures of a market that was campaigning. It was the housewives who supplied themselves and they supplied themselves with oils. My dear brothers, they have a life of lies and lies. Look what we said. When we got it wrong, when did our president get it wrong? Don’t act with lies. There are these resellers, there are also their partners, and don’t pay attention to those who come out and say “there is an oil problem” even though they know that oil is not a problem in Turkey, even if they produce oil. We exist, we work and we will continue on our way.

After his speech at the meeting, Minister Nebati visited his father’s house and made family visits.

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