Akgün: There are 6 approved companies in the place called “garbage appeared in the area without facilities”

Nuri PİRCan ÇELİK/ADANA, (DHA) Ministry of ENVIRONMENT and Urbanization General Directorate of Permits and Inspection EIA, Head of Environmental Supervision and Inspection Department Barış Ecevit Akgün, said the bag, which had been discarded after attaching a GPS device, was found in Adana, where there is no recycling facility. Noting that claims that he emerged in the area do not reflect the truth, he said: “Although it is claimed that there is no recycling facility in the area, there are 6 companies that have been issued by our ministry with permits, temporary activity certificates and waste importer registration certificates.”
An investigation has been opened by the Department for Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change into allegations that the bag, which was thrown away after a GPS tracking device was placed in the UK, is appeared in an area without a recycling facility in Adana, along with other waste. A special team from Ankara carried out inspections together with the teams of the Provincial Directorate.
Barış Ecevit Akgün, Head of Department of Environmental Supervision and Inspection of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, General Directorate of EIA Permits and Inspection, made a statement to the press after the inspections. Akgün denied the allegations and noted that there are 6 ministry-authorized recycling facilities in the area where the waste is located. Providing information on the process of importing and recycling waste, Akgün said: “There is no question of importing garbage or hazardous waste. Imports can only be carried out by companies that have obtained a temporary activity certificate for recycling, an environmental permit, license certificate or registration certificate for waste import from our ministry.At this time, we are inspecting the facilities with recycling registration certificate and d import in Adana province. There are 6 companies. We carry out our checks on the import of waste in 27 customs regions in 17 In addition to mobile checks, we also carry out elementary analyzes if necessary to check whether the waste are part of the waste permitted by law.We may also monitor our checks to see whether or not the waste arrives at the recycling facility. cage, online, with our mobile waste tracking systems, all the way to installation,” he said.
Mentioning that they conducted inspections at 318 facilities on similar allegations last year, Akgün said:
“We banned 30 companies that operated without the necessary environmental permit and imposed an administrative fine of TL 8 million. We also filed a criminal complaint against the people we found dumping waste along the canal and at various places in Adana during the inspections. We have prohibited the import of mixed plastic waste with relatively low value. Thus, we have ensured the import of cleaner waste with high recovery efficiency for recycling. times, we have brought additional criteria for recycling facilities with the legal regulations we have established At the same time, we have brought a guarantee on environmental pollution Again, in the waste We have limited the 1% contamination limit Again over the past period there have been allegations that they wastes which were randomly dumped and burned in the environment in Adana last month cause soil pollution and that the chemicals in these soils are 400 times higher than the limit value. was located. In February, inspection teams from our ministry were again in the area. In collaboration with the teams of our Provincial Command, we took samples in the 11 coordinates mentioned in the news of the region, both as references and in the allegedly polluted areas. We carried out an examination in the reference environmental laboratory of our ministry, which approves all environmental laboratories. In the analyzes we have done here, we have determined that there is no pollution above the generic pollutant limit values ​​given in the Soil Pollution Control Regulation, and that there is no there is no danger in terms of the environment and human health.” (DHA)DHA- General Turkey-Adana / Nuri PİR-Can ÇELİK Center
2022-04-01 11:06:29

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