Barış Terkoğlu: Who should be the presidential candidate?

“A person is complete when he hears it, not when he says it.” I read it in the recently published novel Amsterdam (Basar Basaran, Born Book). I wondered if a man’s speech began in his own lips or in someone else’s ears.

The day when his explanation is discussed everywhere Umit OzdagI called. The most asked question was: What is it trying to do? Some have accused him of dealing with the government. Some thought he was making moves to develop his own small base. Some attributed it to their personal characteristics. Whatever answer he gave, all the members of the undisputed opposition 6 were angry with him.

I called, asked directly. “What are you trying to do” I said. “I am at the head of a political party, I travel the country, slow mansour I saw that you agreed on his name, I told him his name” mentioned.

After hanging up the phone, I sighed: Is that really the problem with Ümit Özdağ? Or the name of Mansur Yavaş? Never mind, should we be upset that the party president offered a presidential candidate to any citizen, regardless of their opinion? Or is the first button loose from the beginning and all subsequent steps performed incorrectly? Do we vent our anger on the button or the buttonhole?

If the problem was only Özdağ “staff” I would spend. However, I saw that it was not at all that…

Recently, we came across an assistant from the CHP. Of course, the first questions that came to mind were about the election. Surprisingly, we fixed the problem. But we got an amazing response: “Make sure you know more about these issues than we do!” » He didn’t have the answers to our questions. He didn’t even know how the opposition candidate would be determined, who would participate in the process, let alone who would be a candidate.

In fact, it is not necessary to have a guide for the visible village. Even in village cafes, this is discussed, journalists talk about the election, pollsters comment on it and political scientists analyze it. However, even the politicians, whom the people voted to do politics for themselves, seem indifferent to the turning point in history.

And it’s not just politicians…

Let’s say you’re in a dissident newspaper. You mean presidential research. Or you are in a non-governmental organization. You want me to have salt in the soup. You always see the same attitude in return. The finger goes to the mouth. The nurse whose photo hangs in hospitals is imitated: “Hush, don’t hurt the process!”


It was a memorization of people who used to call themselves liberals but weren’t libertarians at all. If you ask for the recipe, “because the military tutelage” they said. According to them, the reason for the deterioration of the economy, the deterioration of society and the corruption of politics was always the same. The process showed that each question “military guardianship” Those who answered are not very well intentioned. They were actually looking for questions for their own answers. They placed molds of paste in the spirits for the operation of liquidation of the institutions of the republic.

The times have changed. There is neither a left-wing soldier nor a liberal who says military tutelage. They tore them all down and built an apartment! From now on, all the institutions, all the committees, economic or political, are all under the supervision of a single person. 100 years ago, when the country was under occupation, even the parliament, which elected its commander-in-chief by discussion, gave its life. Your ignorance of the laws of gravity does not prevent you from falling from above. Look at the state of the Assembly when election laws are debated. There is a speaker on the podium, the benches are empty. Even worse; “They are watching the game inside” explanation of the situation.

On the other hand…


It is like the shadow of a person being other than himself, but with himself. The government’s one-man tutelage rule has happened in opposition in another way. Politics ceased to be a matter produced within society, driven by the nation itself and getting the response of the people. It has become an imposition.

And right before our eyes…

Remember, in 2014 we watched something similar. Kilicdaroglu and Bahceli seated at a table, “Ekmeleddine” mentioned. Even the most critical personalities of both parties have learned from television. In the next election, Ekmeleddin Bey did not work for bread, but for Erdogan by becoming a deputy of the MHP. In the 2018 elections, each presented its own candidate. Muharrem Ince The party, which demanded nationwide votes, did not even approve of his own party membership. Now to everyone but six “Shut up” Destiny is written for the future of Turkey.

Turning our way, withdrawing our arm, “do not do it again” Judging by the citizens who say so, the public does not want to see the same film again. The hero does not watch, the Messiah does not wait. His spirit and his anger are both in front of the organizations on the panels. The biggest party in all the polls is the “Erdogan Gosin Party”. Erdogan is no longer a hope for a solution for the nation, but a heavy burden. He is responsible for the price of meat, the inability to put out forest fires, even roads that collapsed in the storm. The people are looking for someone of their own, a person made of flesh and blood, who will take away this burden that has turned into a bump on their back.


So, the way to break the one-man rule of government is clear: Destroy the opposition! The problem is the solution of politics, and the solution of politics is to restore the right to do politics to the society whose politics were stolen from it. With their unions, organizations, streets, squares; of the nation “what kind of power” call the question. To get your dream first, then your candidate out of this quest. 14 months from one of the most critical turning points in Turkish history, if the nation won’t, when will it?

Here is the secret of Ümit Özdağ’s proposal to remove so much sand from the bottom. The extent of the confusion that has gone on for days does not stem from the Victory Party’s voting power. The status quo, created by the opposition that says “shut up, we are 6 people” to the accumulated desire for change, naturally fluctuates even in the simplest wind. Instead of a policy that will rule the Republic in the name of the nation, a policy that seeks a six-armed head behind the scenes; With a Twitter message or a word, it gets into the turbulence.

What makes human existence is that it writes its own destiny. When we entrust our word to another, we surrender to ourselves. Do you need to seek the truth that will come out of life in the miracle of a table?

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