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Getir, which is Europe’s leading Decacorn in the fast grocery delivery sector with a valuation of $11.8 billion with the investments it has received in recent years, has focused on growth in 8 countries where it still operates overseas.

Getir spoke about his recent achievements and overseas activities at a press conference. Launching a world first in Turkey and bringing market products to users in an average of 10 minutes, the company broke a record with its investment of $2 billion last year and its growth rate overseas.

After being named Turkey’s Unicorn in March last year, Getir became Europe’s first Decacorn in the fast grocery delivery business, surpassing the $10 billion mark in one year. With this valuation, Getir rose to the 36th place among 1052 Unicorn companies in the world, according to data published by CB Insights, which lists Unicorn companies in the world, and also entered the list of Unicorn companies in Europe. from fourth place.


Speaking at the meeting, Getir co-founder Tuncay Tütek said that they wrote the story from start to finish when creating Getir, and said, “Our goal has been to become a global brand since the first day of our establishment. With the valuation we achieved in the last round of investment, we became the leading Decacorn in the quick grocery delivery sector in Europe.

Tütek pointed out that Getir inspires Turkey’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with the investments it has received, and continued as follows:

“Getir’s investment story, which began with a $38 million investment by a group of investors led by Michael Moritz, a prominent Silicon Valley investor in January 2020, has continued with a new investing $128 million in its second round of investment in January 2021. Reaching a valuation of $2.6 billion in its third round of investment, which ended in March last year, Getir became the Unicorn of Turkey Immediately after, Getir reached a valuation of over $7.5 billion after its fourth investment round in June 2021. After completing its last investment round last month with an investment of $768 million, Getir reached a valuation of $11.8 billion.


Stating that Getir has achieved rapid growth overseas thanks to the investments it has received, Tütek noted that to date, they have served users in 3 continents and 9 countries with nearly 40 million downloads.

Tütek recalled that they currently provide service in 81 provinces of Turkey with more than 760 Getir, GetirBüyük and GetirSu tanks, and they took the first step abroad with London at the beginning of 2021, while increasing the number of cities in England on the one hand. on the other hand, and continental Europe on the other hand. He informed that they continue to grow in .

Mentioning that Getir is taking firm steps to achieve its goal of becoming a global brand, Tütek said, “We have taken the lead in the UK market, which we entered with London in January last year. At the end of last November, we strengthened our position in the European market by acquiring all of Weezy, which operates in the United Kingdom. Our first stopover in continental Europe was Amsterdam in the Netherlands in April 2021. After the Netherlands, we expanded to Germany and France. We strengthened our position in the region by acquiring Blok, which operates in the southern European market, in July last year. After this purchase, we started serving Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and Milan in Italy. Then we added Lisbon in Portugal to our service network. Getir’s global journey reached the United States in November 2021. We entered the United States market from Chicago and then started serving New York and Boston. We currently serve in 56 overseas cities in total.

Tütek mentioned that they started operating in 8 overseas countries last year and said, “This year we will focus on growing in the countries we are in. We will expand our operational network and increase the number of cities in these countries. We will continue our efforts to provide the best user experience in the fast delivery industry by strengthening our position in the coming period.”


Tuncay Tütek, the founding partner of Getir, said that as they expanded both in Turkey and abroad, Getir had 90 employees of different nationalities.

Tütek said they continue to rapidly grow their teams at home and abroad: “We are a team of over 30,000 people with our field employees affiliated with our dealers in Turkey and abroad. We have paved the way for a reverse brain drain. Overall, 15,000 job applications are received per month. About 1 to 2,000 people join us among 180,000 CVs per year. It also makes us proud that many people want to work with us abroad. We see that the name Getir is accepted by all segments of society in the countries where we are. Investors also invest in our workforce, our experience and our technology, namely software. We invest the most in the software team and the data team. »


Tütek pointed out that they have implemented a lot of work for dealer-affiliated couriers, which is one of Getir’s biggest strengths, and continued as follows:

“We always prioritize courier safety. Private health insurance, valid in many private hospitals and pharmacies across Turkey, started the day our courier friends started working in Getir. We select all our safety equipment such as helmets, coats and gloves from Class A equipment that exceeds the required criteria. We provide safe driving training for couriers to ensure the safety of couriers and anyone crossing the road from vehicle to pedestrian. In line with our responsibility to society and social life, we monitor driving performance at all times through the app installed on couriers’ devices. We also have a field security department that manages all of these processes. There are many rules for the safety of couriers working under Getir dealerships. With all these measures, we continue our efforts to keep couriers and the public safe, as well as to ensure that courier service is accepted as a real, permanent and professional profession.

Tütek said that although they only serve with engines in Getir service, deliveries are made with vehicles and engines in GetirBüyük, and noted that there are kilogram and volume limits for deliveries. with motorcycles, and the system asks the user to reduce their order. automatically if an order is created with a high weight or volume.

Stating that they do not ship canisters with two-wheeled vehicles due to their heavy, bulky and easily destabilizing structure, Tütek informed that North Water 19-liter canisters come with four- and three-wheeled vehicles.

Tütek said that under unsuitable weather conditions, especially if there is a risky situation regardless of snow, heavy rain or wind, the system is temporarily shut down, relying on users’ understanding.

At the meeting, it was stated that buttermilk is one of the best-selling products in England, the country where Getir is most popular abroad. The top-selling products in the UK after ayran are: Crackers, Ülker Chocolate Wafer, Sesame Crackers, Biskrem, Tadım Sunflower Seeds, Halley Mini, Baklava and Frozen Simit.

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