Last minute! EMRA critical statement on fuel prices: Vehicle owners beware

Last minute: Regarding the meeting held with representatives of the sector by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), “EMRA has the legal power to impose a price cap in order to prevent consumers from be victimized if wording violations are detected in At today’s meeting, dealers and dealers in pricing formations Assessing the latest data on distributor pricing, EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz, reminded that, despite the decline in oil prices, unreasonable profit increases in selling prices, the application of the “ceiling price” could return to the fore,” the statement said.


In the written statement made by EMRA, it was stated that at the call of the President of EMRA, Mustafa Yılmaz, a meeting was held with the participation of representatives of distribution associations and dealers in the sector fuels (PET-DER, PÜİS, ADER, TABGİS) . During the meeting, attended by the heads of TÜPRAŞ and STAR Refinery, it was noted that the current situation in the fuel sector and the issue of margin sharing, which has been on the agenda for some time, were evaluated.


In the statement, “First of all, we would like to emphasize once again that fuel prices are formed under free market conditions. The most important part in this formation is oil prices and foreign currency movements In addition, the prices take their final form with the taxes and the share of the distributor-dealer.There is no direct intervention by EMRA in these prices.However, in order to avoid that consumers are prejudiced in the event of detection of movements contrary to the formulation in the margins of the distributor-reseller, EMRA has the legal authority to apply a possible ceiling price”, he said.


At today’s meeting, EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz emphasized that EMRA’s priority is to protect the free and competitive structure of the fuel industry, and pointed out that the issue of distribution of margins between distributors and dealers should be resolved fairly between the parties, and said: “Our audience should know that there is still a distributor-dealer in fuel prices. and dealer margins are at a reasonable level. These amounts are certainly not at a level that will cause dealerships to go bankrupt and close, and even put our country in a crisis of fuel shortage, as claimed. Expect a great profit in the process we are going through should not be seen as a realistic approach for our industry Assessing the latest oil and distributor tariff data, Yılmaz recalled that the app The “price cap” ication could come to the fore again if they detect unreasonable profit increases in selling prices despite falling oil prices.


Pointing out that EMRA Chairman Yılmaz stressed that distributors should support low tonnage dealers and position disadvantages in margin allocation, “in accordance with the culture of sharing”, he said: On the other hand, alternatives that can solve the problem of margin sharing without burdening our consumers were also evaluated during the meeting. The most important of these is the refining premium. It is shared between distributors and resellers with careful and well-intentioned understanding. During the meeting, it was noted that dealers were victims of sales made with the vehicle identification system (TTS) In the meantime, complaints have reached our institution that some dealers do not want to supply fuel to consumers as part of the TTS, public vehicles and even ambulances. will face severe penalties.”


Pointing out that the issue of fuel sales by credit card was also on the agenda of the meeting, he said: “The issue of high prices for credit card sales and low prices for cash sales , which has already been mentioned by some industry representatives, does not fall under the jurisdiction of EMRA. The amount paid in one-time withdrawals with a card cannot be different from the “amount paid in cash”. It is not It’s okay to frame this question as a “cheap price offer to pay cash in fuel” because the vast majority of consumers buy petroleum products with a credit card. This will mean penalizing consumers who buy fuel with It is possible for our dealers and distributors, who are valued representatives of our fuels business, to act with common sense and resolve the issue of margin sharing among themselves without any e expectation that will weigh on the consumer.Finally, we would like to express that neither oil prices have an unstable outlook. It is not possible to make a regulation against the consumer that will affect the formation of fuel prices today, nor in the future.

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