Now AKP and MHP voters are also unhappy with the government.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Unlike AKP President Erdogan, citizens believe that the economic situation in Turkey is worse than in Europe.

Issues related to the agenda were discussed in the week 2022/14, Turkey Monitor, prepared by Aksoy Research. The view that Turkey’s economy is poorly managed is also dominant among AKP and MHP voters. People in the study were asked about the most important problem they had recently encountered. When the open-ended responses were analyzed with the word analysis method, economic concerns were found to be the most important issue on voters’ agendas.

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The issues most frequently mentioned by voters were costs, the economy, inflation, livelihoods, price hikes, finances and unemployment. Besides the economy, other issues raised by voters were injustice, health, the covid-19 epidemic and refugees.


When respondents were asked to rate the current economic situation, 88.1% said it was horrible or bad.

The rate of those who said the economy was the same as the previous month was 9.1, and the rate of those who thought it was excellent/good was 2.8%.

In general, from September 2021, the growing worries about the economy have been seen to continue and even worsen with the new year. Over the past five months, the negative view of the economic situation has worsened, breaking a record compared to the previous month.

Likewise, the situation did not change in April 2022 and the negative opinion of voters on the economy continued to increase.


Following the general situation, voters were asked about the reason for the economic situation. 76.7% of respondents said the current situation is due to poor management of the economy. The rate of those who said that the economic situation had deteriorated due to the intervention of foreign powers in the economy was 23.3%.

When analyzed by party, it was found that the rate of voters who cited external forces as the reason was higher in the AKP and MHP. Despite this, the view that the economy was poorly managed prevailed over both groups of voters.

57% of AKP voters and 64.7% of MHP voters cited the administration as the reason for the poor economy.


Voters were asked about a binary option when AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Europe’s economic situation as worse than Turkey’s in a statement this week.

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A majority of participants, 84.6%, said Turkey’s situation is worse than Europe’s. The opinion of 15.4 percent of those who took part in the survey was that Europe’s economic situation is worse than Turkey’s.

When analyzed on a party basis, the rate of those who see Turkey’s economic situation as more dire was higher among AKP and MHP voters.

However, the rate of those describing the situation in Turkey as more serious was higher in both constituencies. According to 71.6% of AKP voters and 72.5% of MHP voters, Turkey’s economic situation was worse than that of Europe.


The increase in transport, which was approved by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, was another topic on the agenda. In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was pointed out that transportation has increased due to rising fuel costs.

In Turkey Monitor research, rising fuel costs due to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s inability to manage the budget and the government’s inability to manage the economy was run as a binary option in the rise in transportation, which was directed at voters as a binary option. .

69.4% of respondents cited the government’s inability to manage the economy as the reason for the rise in public transport in Istanbul. The rate of those who cited the municipality’s inability to manage the budget as the reason was 30.6%.

When analyzed on a part basis, the general view focused on rising fuel costs due to the government’s inability to control the economy. However, the situation was reversed in the AKP group. 54.5% of AKP voters cited the municipality’s inability to manage the budget as the reason.

The rate of AKP voters who said fuel costs had risen due to the government’s inability to manage the economy was 45.5%.

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