Technology, science, people and Covid-19 | Arda Meric

Dear Hürriyet readers, in this article I will tell you about what technology and science will bring to human life and their effects on our future.


Technology and science are two important terms that complement each other. While the development of technology plays a major role in the development of mankind, it also contributes significantly to the development of science. We can say that the development of “Science and Technology” studies sheds light on the evolution of the health sector, while building the future.


Whatever our lifestyle today, we can definitely say is technology driven. There are those who use technology in a complicated way, there are those who use it moderately, and there are those who use it less. But knowingly or unknowingly, technology is giving us a nod in every aspect of our lives. Today, someone filling out a transit card with contactless transaction capability used on transit from a concessionaire has to use the technology, even if it’s a bit, whereas the average who fills it via a mobile application uses a complicated one that fills it online benefiting from the campaigns created. The common denominator is having to use the technology no matter what.



Technology can be defined as an area that has important contributions and effects, from sport to health, from economy to working life. The development of technology today; By introducing technological products such as VAR in football and Cyclops in tennis, it has become a major influence even on football and tennis games. With the development of technology and the development of electric cars, the automobile sector, which is one of the largest economies in the world, is beginning to be completely redesigned, and we see that innovative and entrepreneurial companies are taking over instead of dominant. businesses. While many problems can be solved with developments in the healthcare sector, diagnostic and diagnostic opportunities have accelerated with studies in artificial intelligence. Its impact on the business world, with the integration of systems working with artificial intelligence, has increased the quality of service, while the effect of working with performance and increased efficiency has begun to to make felt.


It can be said that scientific studies supported by supercomputers are the most crucial point in the development of technology. It has been striking to us for a while that the contribution of technology to science has started to lag a bit at a time when the consumer society has come to the fore and technology has mostly driven people to consumption . The fact that big business, unfortunately, forgets about spirituality and feeds on consumption and people’s efforts to buy can be seen as the biggest obstacle facing science and technology.



From now on, the world will gradually move away from its habits of consumption, if only for a time, and will find itself alone with itself. It will try to use technology not as a means of consumption, but as a means of production and development. The mentality that ignores people who have lived in hunger and misery in the world for many years clearly understands that when danger knocks hard at the door, it must transform its consciousness into spirituality, not matter. COVID-19, which I hope will be wiped out of our country and the world in a short time, may cause people to question important secrets in their lives.



The world and our country are going through a difficult time. Our country’s administration and health workers are doing their best, and the World Health Organization is continuing its vaccine studies at full speed. It is very important for all of our health that we comply with the published instructions and suggestions for the success of the measures we take against the Corona virus, which we are doing better than in many countries. We must take care to protect our own health and that of those around us. We must now put technology at the service of science, health and nature, and avoid consumption habits and excesses. I hope the dark clouds hovering over humanity at this time will also dissipate in a short time.


I hope you stay in health and technology until I meet you in my next article…

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