“The Scientific Council will have held one of its most important meetings next week”

Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca came to Sakarya for a series of visits. Governor of Sakarya Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, Deputy Chairman of AK Party Ali İhsan Yavuz, Metropolitan Mayor of Sakarya Ekrem Yüce, Provincial Chairman of AK Party Yunus Tever, Provincial Chairman of MHP Ahmet Ziya Akar, Provincial Minister of Health Koca, who first visited Sakarya Governor’s Office, Director Aziz Öğütlü, Deputy Health Minister Halil Eldemir and Sebahattin Aydın accompanied. Minister Koca shared the latest developments regarding the pandemic process. Minister Koca, who shared the gratifying information about the progress of the corona virus outbreak and the number of intensive care patients in nearly 19 provinces is zero, said the scientific committee will meet next week and that important decisions will be made, in particular concerning the mask.

“The number of intensive care patients in nearly 19 provinces is zero”

Giving information on the situation in hospitals, especially in intensive care units, with the decrease in the number of cases, Minister Koca said: “The course of the epidemic has started to decrease its effect during this period. In particular, our provinces with zero cases, provinces with zero hospitalized patients and provinces with zero intensive care patients began to become. Currently, the number of hospitalized patients in intensive care units in nearly 19 provinces is zero. And every day we see it decreasing. I can say that we currently have no patients in our intensive care beds in Ağrı, Uşak, Gümüşhane, Bayburt and Artvin. It is possible to say that we have no patients in our intensive care beds in 19 similar cities.

“Don’t worry, our worst days are behind us”

Minister Fahrettin Koca, who reminded him of the phrase “Our worst days are over, don’t worry”, which he said 3 months ago, said: “If you remember, I said the last year that it would be our last summer with a mask. And at that time, few people believed it. At the point where we have arrived, spring has arrived, we are entering this summer. If you remember 3 months ago in Gümüşhane and Giresun, as your Minister of Health, I say loudly; I had a speech saying: “Our worst days are over, don’t worry, be happy”. At that time, especially our friends scientists, they approached with some concern. I repeat the same thing, do not worry, our worst days are over, rest assured.

“The Scientific Committee will have held one of its most important meetings”

Giving information on the meetings and studies of the scientific committee, Minister Koca said: “The scientific committee is meeting next week. The scientific committee will have held one of its most important meetings next week. There will be important decisions to be made in this direction, in particular the mask. Including the use of masks in schools. We will discuss this next week at the very important meeting of the Scientific Committee. Especially now our schools are the places where the application of the mask is applied intensively. The application of the mask, especially in our schools, will be evaluated by the Scientific Council next week. And the scientific committee will have held one of its most important meetings to date, especially next week. We will have a more detailed explanation on this after the scientific committee,” he said.

“We will assess what we can do best for the health of our fellow citizens living in Sakarya”

Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca said, “Today we are in Sakarya to see the state of our health infrastructure, to meet our medical students and to be in touch with our health workers. Together with our Governor and our Provincial Director of Health, we will do an assessment of the health services offered in our city and the new service areas. We will assess what we can do best for the health of our citizens living in Sakarya. »

“The time of the epidemic is over”

Stressing that the Turkish healthcare system is very strong, Minister Koca said: “The days of the epidemic are over. We are determined to keep health services at the height of our President’s vision. Our health system, which is the envy of the world with its power and solid infrastructure, and our experienced health human resources are a source of pride for all of us. Hopefully, in the coming period, it will further strengthen our healthcare system. As the heavy and terrible burden of the epidemic is lifted from our shoulders, our agenda has also changed. We are now striving to ensure the satisfaction of our healthcare professionals and to ensure that our fellow citizens always receive appropriate health services under the best conditions. We are making great efforts and efforts to overcome all the problems,” he said.

“We are going to give priority to studies on our health investments”

Mentioning that the city hospital will become a health base after its completion, Minister Koca said, “Sakarya is an extremely important center for us. We are committed to providing a service worthy of the name of this city. During our visit, we will focus on studies relating to our investments in health. Last month, we opened two new primary health care facilities. Currently, the construction of 9 investments, including our hospitals, with a total capacity of 776 beds, is continuing. We have 4 other investments in the tender, land and project phases. One of our most important investments, our favorite hospital in the city of Sakarya, when it is completed next year, will become the health base for the whole region with its thousand beds and 305,000 square meters of closed area. .

“We will provide health services with 4 thousand 130 beds in Sakarya”

Speaking about the health system that has developed in Sakarya since 2002, Minister Koca said, “We have increased the total number of beds in Sakarya from 960 to 2,354, 2.5 times since 2002. Thanks to these investments , we will provide health services with 4 thousand 130 beds in Sakarya. The number of 112 emergency stations, which was 6 in 2002, has increased to 37 and the number of ambulances has increased from 9 to 65. Along with these huge investments in Sakarya, we also place great importance on our resources human. Today we serve our citizens with our 9 thousand 76 health army in our province. This number was 948 in 2002,” he said.

“We will discuss with the doctors of tomorrow as doctors and doctor candidates”

Minister Koca, who said he would meet with medical students at the university, said, “Today we will also meet bright young people, our medical faculty and specialist students. We will discuss with the doctors of tomorrow as doctors and doctor candidates. We will visit our patients who are awaiting recovery in our hospitals. In the evening, we will be with our colleagues at the iftar. The sole purpose of our visit today is to consult to improve our health system. It is about planning the services that we will render tomorrow, today. It means listening to today’s suggestions from our colleagues and tomorrow’s doctors. After the speeches, Minister Koca attended the provincial health assessment meeting, which was closed to the press.

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