We will all see that inflation will gradually decline over the coming period.

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, He attended the introductory meeting of “A New Model of Employment” within the framework of “Participation in the Production Process” held at Şehitkamil Art Center.

Stating that Turkey’s productive power needs to be further developed, Bilgin said: “I am not going to tell you the distances we have gained in Turkey’s democratization process over the past 20 to 25 years, because the participants here have experienced it personally. Now we “Turkey is a Turkey that produces more, and a Turkey that together accelerates its development and democratization. We have the power to achieve this. This power exists in our human resources, in our history, in the subconscious of our identity, in our mental world.” he said.

Affirming that Gaziantep is not a port city, but that it needs to be quickly connected to the ports, Bilgin indicated that important works have been carried out in this direction.

Noting that they have a world-class workforce in all fields, Minister Bilgin said, “We have Nobel laureates in letters and scientists. We have a workforce trained in many fields, from art to literature, from economics to engineering, from cancer research to other fields. “This is our strength. Turkey broke the circle. Thanks to whom she broke it, she broke it with manpower. Turkey broke it today thanks to the men of ‘business that produces, sells and exports goods all over the world. Turkey has broken the circle that it is trying to squeeze through. We have to take it to a higher level.’ used the phrases.

Stating that Turkey is now a country with industrialists who know and apply the advanced industrial revolution and all the technology it added to the production process, Bilgin continued:

“Therefore, when we say, ‘We are now a country that is a candidate to become one of the 10 largest economies in the world’, no one should have any doubts about that. The conjuncture in which we find ourselves creates We know that the pandemic process has had adverse effects on global economies.” We watched television footage of people dying in hospital hallways and even in front of hospitals. Turkey has not experienced this. Turkey has also made a great revolution in the field of health and has shown both friends and enemies that it is a social state where the health insurance of all its inhabitants is covered by the state. »

Recalling that they increased the minimum wage by more than 50% for the first time in the history of the Republic of Turkey, Bilgin said: “Then we transferred the inflation difference to public employees. Turkey has fulfilled the requirement of being a social state in all areas. There are still talks about minimum wage these days. I don’t find that very significant. Because Historically, the increase in the minimum wage is very important. This reveals the need for the worker and the employer to take their responsibilities together in In other words, the employer also automatically stratified other types of wages apart from the minimum wage. Areas with higher wages have also been reorganized at the minimum wage level. he said.

“We will all see that inflation will gradually decline in the coming period”

Recalling that there are problems with inflation, production and supply chains around the world, Bilgin said: “Let us not forget that the majority of the economic problems facing Turkey today are a reflection of negative events in the world and the costs caused by the pandemic. . mentioned.

Stating that the United States and Europe could not stand up, Minister Bilgin said:

“In this whole process, Turkey has grown by 11% in 2021. It has achieved this thanks to the productive power of Turkey, with the productive power of our cities like Gaziantep. No one should worry, Turkey will continue to grow. Yes, there is inflation, especially in the energy resources that we import like natural gas and oil. There are external problems like energy resources. But Turkey has proposed measures to normalize them, with its economic policies and new economic model. We will all see that inflation will gradually decline in the coming period. The way to overcome inflation is to eliminate the damage caused by the negative effects of the crisis world economy on Turkey. is growth. Growth, employment, investment is the continuation of this relationship in a healthy way.”

Stating that they have implemented a new employment model in Gaziantep, Bilgin said, “We will meet the economic needs of the worker hired for someone in need for 3 months, and we will pay his salary. Train them where you need them. , place the employees you have trained in the work you need and train them in the production process and put them into production. Carry on. This is the basis of our model, it is a model created according to your requests. The government is there, as the Ministry of Labour, we will do our part. ” he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin said Gaziantep is a special city and said, “There is a hero and an achievement here. We must be very strong in this geography, it is possible with economic development and human development. For the knowledge economy, trained human capital is very important. For this, the right job is very important. We are the country of workers, there are 400,000 workers. “, did he declare.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Chairman of Social Security Institution Cevdet Ceylan, Director General of Ministry of Labor and Social Security Nurcan Önder, Acting Director General of İŞKUR Oğuz Kağan Güldoğan, presidents of chambers and businessmen participated in the programme.

The meeting continued with a question and answer session.

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