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Location: Teachers’ room

Two teachers talk about the education agenda.

– Did you hear?

– What?

-They will come back.

– Who is coming?

– Investigators…

– I do not believe…

– Believe it or not, they will come back, some information.

– I don’t think so, I don’t think so.

– Why?

– Isn’t this the old custom of the new village?

– No, darling, it’s not like that.

– Why not?

– My friend, he will not be an inspector, he will be an inspector, he will not be an inspector, he will be an education inspector.

– Well, you’re right, when you have a new name, you swallow it as new.

– Did the inspector take the muhakkiki with him, took a golden stick for you…

– Well, I’m confused, I’m already officially tired. May God help us and get half.

– Amen…

Location: a house

Mother, father and a college student

– Madam, did you hear?

– What is this mess ?

– Teachers will be supervised.

– Ayyy, that’s good news!

– Why?

– Our boy’s math teacher was always busy with his phone in class, at least if there’s an inspection, maybe he’ll put the phone in his pocket.

– Are you serious?

– Yes, the boy says so. The professor was looking at the phone rather than the blackboard. He even communicated with the student by looking at the phone, not the student’s face.

– Yes, dad, my math teacher is so busy on the phone that we even envy him. We look at the phone as if we were watching a delicious meal. Our hands water like our mouths water. The students in our class like the phone very much just because of that… The reason is the math teacher.

– Madam, what is this boy saying?

– Well, I always told you, but you lie on your ear, I also passed on the manager, he also tried one thing, he tried two, he saw that it did not work, he left him alone, now I’m going to pass this situation on to the inspectors,

When are those detectives coming, son? Ask the manager…

– I don’t know mom, you kept me busy, I couldn’t leave him alone and play that game on the phone.

– Madam, if the inspector comes, maybe our child will also leave the phone. God bless those who brought the inspectors back… They’re about to take another load of ours…

Location: Department of National Education

District Director’s Meeting with Principals

– It will be great.

– Yes, they were very wandering.

– Yes, yes, they drove school principals crazy. Bring this, no. Bring this, no. Do it, it’s aside. It was so good.

– Friends, they were left very empty. Hopefully, with the inspections of the inspectors, they will again understand the value of their superiors.

– Inspectors must ensure that teachers are at our service. Whatever they say.

– Of course, of course, the sanction must be issued as a result of the inspector’s inspection.

– There is no teacher who does anything but enter and leave his class.

– What would they do, blessed?

– Social, cultural, etc. Activities…

– Teaching is not a public function, it is a sacred profession, of course they should.

– I don’t think inspectors should give advice. Let them beat him on paper.

– Yeah yeah…

– Of course, then maybe they will understand our value.

– Her skirts have already caught fire. Look, they are looking for the convenience of documents through playstore.

– Yes, yes, they share lists that the inspector will ask for. They even went after convenience.

– I made a lot of lists at the beginning of the semester, bring this, bring this, the men brought none. He was walking. He was holding his feet. They spoke with their feet.

– Don’t touch it, let them prepare the list themselves, let them take care of themselves. We also laugh under our mustaches.

– This will take a lot of our load, detectives.

Teacher supervision will revolutionize education.

The more teachers are supervised and intimidated, the more they will devote themselves to their work.

The teachers will be defeated by the siege operation of the inspectors, their wrists will be bent, and other stakeholders will win.

The winner will be education.

The teacher must always lose.

For him, the only solution against the training of the military is to urgently constitute an army of inspectors…

Logistical and material support comes from other stakeholders…

Come on guys, let our education war begin…

Let’s see together how the environment of peace is disturbed…

Note: This post contains irony. I seriously refer the areas to the inspectors. If you criticize, I will report you to the inspectors. Jokes, pranks, comments are open to freedom of expression until the end.



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