A critical collaboration step for a future Turkey with a voice in artificial intelligence

A major project in the field of artificial intelligence has been implemented in cooperation with TÜBİTAK and Hepsiburada under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The first competence center of the TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM Artificial Intelligence Institute, which was opened within the framework of the Turkish National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, was established in the field of e-commerce with the support of Hepsiburada. The project developed under the titles of innovation, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and local development, which is essential for the future of Turkey and the Turkey of the future, has been introduced in the valley of IT in Gebze.

“As Turkey, we are working hard to become one of the leading players in artificial intelligence”

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stressed the importance of cooperation between TÜBİTAK and Hepsiburada during Hepsiburada’s Artificial Intelligence and Geographically Marked Products Cooperation Ceremony held in the Valley of Computing, and said that in this way they will develop solutions to the problems of constant growth. e-commerce sector thanks to artificial intelligence. .

Emphasizing that artificial intelligence is an indispensable part of today’s technological world, Varank explained that artificial intelligence has the ability to carry each sector into a completely different dimension. Stating that today cars have become living spaces where people can hang out, and that is through the artificial intelligence of self-driving, Varank said: “When we look at the gaming industry, we now find it difficult to distinguish between the real and the virtual. Shopping has become almost a hobby with virtual test cubicle apps. “The world is rewriting itself in all fields, from agriculture to automotive to defense, from education to security. As Turkey, we are working hard to become one of the main players in artificial intelligence.” mentioned.

Believing that the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy will be the compass of this process, Varank said, “The Artificial Intelligence Institute is just one of the seeds we have planted in this area. In our institute, the private sector and the public will come together and carry out studies. The core technologies and algorithms developed here will be made available to all industries in a short period of time. Here, the e-commerce competence center established within the Artificial Intelligence Institute will lead the artificial intelligence solutions in e-commerce. he said.

In cooperation with Hepsiburada and TÜBİTAK; Stating that artificial intelligence applications such as personalization, more effective sales, intelligent search and virtual assistant will go even further, Minister Varank said: “The parties will mutually share their knowledge, experience, infrastructure and their expertise. Ultimately, through this cooperation, our two institutions, the e-commerce sector and other sectors will win with Turkey.”

“Let’s develop artificial intelligence solutions together in many different fields in Turkey”

Emphasizing that they will firmly head towards the goal of being among the top ten economies in the world with the rising graph of innovative entrepreneurs, Varank said, “As long as we do not compromise on innovation and cooperation.” . mentioned.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank also announced a new support program that includes cooperation and innovation. “We recently designed and implemented a new support mechanism to be an accelerator and trigger in the development of AI technology. With the call to the AI ​​ecosystem, we decided to support new solutions in the areas of smart production systems, smart agriculture, food and farming, fintech and the effects of climate change.” Minister Varank said: “The way to ask for this support goes through cooperation.A client organization that needs an AI solution, a technology provider university or a public research center and TUBITAK AI Institute will come together and benefit from this call in this It acts as a catalyst in the artificial intelligence ecosystem. I’ll see,” he said.

“Apply to the call for projects on the artificial intelligence ecosystem, let’s develop artificial intelligence solutions together in many different fields in Turkey”

Recalling that applications for the call on the artificial intelligence ecosystem are continuing, Varank said: “We are very satisfied with the high demand, in this sense, we have extended the applications for this call until 25 May. From here, I appeal to both the private sector and our public institutions; Please contact this support. Let’s develop artificial intelligence solutions together in many different fields in Turkey.”

Minister Varank thanked Hepsiburada and TUBITAK, who today signed an important cooperation, and wished that this kind of cooperation for the country will continue more and more.

“This initiative we made with Hepsiburada is an exemplary model for TÜBİTAK”

Speaking at the ceremony, TÜBİTAK President, Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal highlighted the importance of the project carried out in cooperation with TÜBİTAK Artificial Intelligence Institute and Hepsiburada. “This initiative we made with Hepsiburada is an exemplary model for TÜBİTAK.” Mandal said, “We know what to do in this cooperation. It is both an innovative approach and a process that creates much more added value. used the sentences.

Noting that TÜBİTAK, through its headquarters and institutes, is a competent institution in developing the technologies our country needs and in the process of technological transition from knowledge to product, Mandal said, “We have achieved this competence with TÜBİTAK’s physical facilities and its own human resources. The Competence Center business model we launched today will be: Hepsiburada has needs and has very valuable data. This data will be shared with the TUBITAK Artificial Intelligence Institute. This work will go far beyond TÜBİTAK’s own human resources and will take place with all stakeholders of the ecosystem in Turkey, including our SMEs, universities, NGOs and relevant competent institutions. The process of transforming the data to be obtained here into information will generalize with the Turkish ecosystem on this subject through TÜBİTAK. mentioned.

“Four other competence centers will be created in four different areas”

“It’s a new business model for us. It is also a model of transformation in terms of values ​​that TÜBİTAK adds to Turkey. TÜBİTAK President Mandal said, “The experience we will gain here is very valuable. We have launched an effort to establish competence centers in four different areas: smart production, food and agriculture, climate change and fintech. But we live here our first experience. We believe that the business model that will be formed here will bring innovation to both our institution and our country. made his assessment.

Thanking Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank for his contributions in establishing the competence center and realizing this new business model, Mandal said: “This is the result of a TÜBİTAK to differentiate its contributions in the ecosystem and to work in collaboration with universities and industry. We are starting a new process, I wish you good luck. used the sentences.

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