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Latest news… Social rights regarding the part-time work preferred by millions of people are developing. In part-time work, also called “part-time” and favored by students, mothers with children and retirees, severance pay is legally guaranteed and wages are regulated. Here are all the details regarding the future development of part-time work…

Salaries and benefits for part-time employees should be prorated to the amount paid to the full-time employee. According to Sabah News, if there is no comparable worker at the workplace, the worker employed with a full-time employment contract who undertakes the same or similar work at the workplace in accordance with the conditions will be taken as the basis. In this context, employees must also be paid for their annual leave. Work up to two-thirds of the equivalent work done with a full-time employment contract at the workplace is considered part-time work. For this reason, it is not possible to make a declaration of service of more than 20 days in partial employment. Work periods beyond this period must be completed within 30 days.

Here are the details of the arrangement and all the curious…

Are the legal rights of a part-time employee the same as those of a full-time employee, is there an insurance obligation?

According to the labor law, those who are part-time employees cannot be treated differently from their full-time peers, just because their employment contract is part-time, unless there is a reason justifying discrimination. Part-time employees must also be insured. If the contract is concluded on a monthly salary, the insured is notified for 30 days, regardless of the weekly working period. The rights provided by the labor law and the employment contract cannot be terminated solely for reasons of part-time employment. Notifications to the insured are made on the basis of the premium days resulting from the conversion of hours worked into days. This calculation is determined by taking each 7.5 hours of work as 1 day and taking fractions of the day as a full day.

Are part-time employees entitled to a weekend vacation?

Part-time employees are also entitled to a week off. Weekly vacation payments will be paid to part-time employees 7 days a week. A part-time employee who completes the one-year work period is entitled to leave.


Are part-time employees entitled to severance pay?

If the part-time employee’s contract is terminated, he is entitled to severance pay. The salary base for the severance pay will be calculated on the average daily remuneration. In this context, employees cannot be treated differently from their full-time peers, since the employment contract is for a fixed term. The regulation to be made in the law to guarantee the right of seniority to part-time employees will also be completed this year. The employee’s severance pay base is calculated on the average daily earnings.

Is it possible to change the employee from part-time to full-time?

When there are vacancies corresponding to their qualifications, the employer’s request to change from part-time to full-time employment or from full-time to part-time employment is taken taken into account by the employer and vacancies are advertised in a timely manner.

Who can benefit from part-time work?

Part-time work is mostly preferred by students, young people, retirees and women on maternity leave. After maternity leave and part-time work, parents have the right to work part-time until their child reaches compulsory primary school. One of the parents can apply for part-time work until the beginning of the month following the start of compulsory primary education for the child. This request is not considered a valid reason for termination. In this context, the worker who has started working part-time can resume full-time work for the same child in order to no longer benefit from this right.

How is the part-time salary calculated?

According to labor law, part-time employees cannot be treated differently from their full-time peers. Salary and divisible benefits related to the money of the worker working with a part-time employment contract must be paid in proportion to the time he works compared to the full-time equivalent worker. The form and amount of the worker’s salary can be freely decided by the parties. However, the wage to be paid cannot be less than the minimum wage. The daily minimum wage is calculated by dividing the monthly minimum wage by 30 days, and the hourly minimum wage is calculated by dividing the daily wage by the normal daily working time, which is 7.5 hours. According to the signed contract, the salary of the employee is determined.

Does the minimum wage tax exemption also apply to part-time workers?

The exemption will apply in full to salary payments to part-time employees, to partial salaries (salary determined taking into account the number of hours and days) paid to newly recruited and resigning service professionals.

What is the 20 day rule in part-time work?

The number of premium days in the month of the part-time insured cannot exceed 20 days. The Social Security Institution does not allow more than 20 days of service to be declared if “partial employment” is selected due to missing days by making a systematic provision in the e-declaration application. Work performed up to two-thirds of the previous work performed with a full-time employment contract at the workplace is considered part-time work.

Is annual leave the same as for full-time employees?

Part-time employees with one year’s service have the same rights to paid annual leave as full-time employees. If he is filled without interrupting the period of one year which must be extended to be entitled to annual leave in the labor law, he is entitled to paid annual leave. The salary for annual leave is calculated on the average salary of the worker for one day.

Does the premium for missing days have to be topped up, how do the health services benefit from it?

It is possible to supplement the missing premium days on request or by borrowing. In optional insurance and in loans, there is the possibility of paying premiums up to 7.5 times the daily minimum wage. With optional insurance that pays premiums 12 days a month, they can pay the premium for the remaining 18 days. Those who wish can borrow their missing days as retirement approaches. Employees who work less than twenty days per month are required to complete the health insurance premium for the missing day within 30 days. Mothers, fathers, spouses and dependents do not have to pay the health premium for the missing days. Those who are determined not to be able to pay with the income test are not required to pay premiums.

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