Cleaning is a job, the domestic worker is a worker

The case of Minire İnal, who filed a service determination action against the employer after his accident at work, was dismissed. The Antalya Women’s Platform made a statement for Minire İnal in front of the provincial leadership of SGK Antalya. According to the statement, “most domestic workers in Turkey, like Minire İnal, are not considered workers because they are not covered by labor law.” In the statement where the banners “Domestic work is work”, the Antalya Women’s Platform banners read: “Is human labor only your right? Have you ever wiped glass every day? We are servants, not Cinderella. Sign ILO C 189 give my right to be a worker, domestic work is a domestic worker, banners moved. “Domestic work is work, the domestic worker is a worker. Münire İnal is not alone. We are justice, we will not be silent. We are not Cinderella, we are servants. Women take to the streets to claim their rights. We want a secure job and a secure future. Long live the solidarity of women. Invisible work, raise your voice, long live the slogans of our organized struggle. Selma Çetin Yavuz read the statement on behalf of the group. Yavuz said domestic worker Minire İnal was seriously injured when she fell from the 3rd floor while cleaning the window of the house where she worked on March 5, 2009. She continued her life as a disabled person after a series of operations because her spine was broken and she has been fighting for justice since 2009.

“His file has been closed”
Yavuz said, “Minire İnal, who has been fighting the law since 2009, ended up with a denial of service decision based on the law enacted in 2015. Although he worked in the same house for 2 years and worked 6 days per week, also in other houses, the court made such a decision, ignoring that he was working. This case concerns not only Minire İnal but also thousands of domestic workers. In Turkey, nearly one million domestic workers, mostly women, are not considered workers because they are not covered by labor law. According to the law enacted in 2015, it was said that insurance is not paid to workers who work less than 10 days, and if they work more than 10 days, there is an insurance obligation. This arrangement forces domestic workers to work without insurance and security. With this law, domestic work was made invisible by the state, as it had been for centuries.

“Not counted as an accident”
Recalling that “this law violates the equal citizenship rights of women who are domestic workers, as stipulated in the Constitution”, Yavuz said: “Although Minire İnal was seriously injured when she fell from the 3rd floor when she was cleaning the windows of the house where she worked, the law does not consider Minire’s accident a work accident. However, as we know from newspaper articles, hundreds of domestic workers fall from the heights of the homes where they work and suffer health problems from being exposed to the heavy chemicals used for cleaning. The Constitutional Court should accept that the work of domestic women, who are violated by this law and made invisible, is also among the jobs listed in the labor law, and it should pave the way for the possibility for domestic women to be safe like other workers. We once again call on our friend Minire İnal and thousands of domestic workers; In order to secure domestic workers, they should be included in the scope of labor law as soon as possible, less than 10 days and more than 10 days of discrimination should be abolished, ILO Decent Work Contracts C -189 should be signed for domestic workers, legal provisions for insurance, pensions and safe work should be put in place as soon as possible. The Constitutional Court must accept that Minire İnal works. Housework should be considered work in the eyes of the law,” he said.

“Litigation costs”
Stating that SGK is trying to compensate for the costs of the lawsuit by filing a lawsuit against İnal, Yavuz said, “As if all this were not enough, SGK is trying to compensate Minire İnal for the costs of the lawsuit by filing a lawsuit. legal action after the case was dismissed. In the conditions of the country’s deep economic crisis, did you take a look at Minire İnal’s pension, which is 2,500 liras, whose work and life you stole? While you do nothing for the SSK bounty debts you do not receive from companies and institutions, do you have the power to support Minire İnal? We never accept that, we never will.
As Antalya Women’s Platform, we have followed this case for equal and fair labor rights of domestic workers, and we will continue to do so. We support Minire İnal and domestic workers. The equal and fair labor rights of Minire İnal and all domestic workers must be recognized immediately. Again we shout; the household is work, the domestic worker is a worker. He concluded his speech by saying: Guarantee for domestic workers, let ILO C-189 sign a decent work contract for domestic workers.


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