He sent the waiters to a good restaurant to eat, he saw the effect in the service

DEVELİ Member of the restaurant’s board of directors, representing the 4th generation of the family Nouri Develi, did a server survey a while ago, asked two questions:

  • What’s the best restaurant you go to with your own money?
  • Which mall are you going to?

Nouri Develi, reviewed the results of a survey of servers working in its restaurants:

It turns out that our server friends that we work with in our restaurants can eat in very uncrowded places with their own money.

So he came up with the following plan:

Friends, you will go to dinner in one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. There you will take pictures, eat your meal and bring me the bill. However, you will also share your experience at our meetings.

Nouri Develi, implemented the plan, 120 of the waiters working at Develi Restaurants dined at one of the best restaurants in Istanbul so far. He observed the effect as follows:

The quality of service of our server friends has improved even further. Because he can put himself in the customer’s shoes and look with that eye.

President of the Association of Tourism Companies, Restaurant Investors and Gastronomy (TURYID) Kaya Demirer, Board members Ebru Korali, Nuri Develi, Hasan Yesilyurt, Ozlem Ozkan and Nature Erzi will take place on May 11, 2022 at Istanbul Lütfi Kirdar Congress Center. “3. World Gastronomy Summit”held a meeting on the subject.

Kaya Demirer, combining the words gastronomy and economy,“Gastroeconomics”He stated that they turned it into a . Demirer, “Summit of Gastronomy”He said that they will also discuss the issue of employees in the sector at the next meeting:

We will criticize ourselves as operators versus employees. We have lost a lot of blood on human resources in the pandemic. Especially server friends lost an important source of income like tips during closing times.

He noted that waiters and busboys have moved into the freight business as couriers:

There were also those who returned to their homeland and did not return. In addition, we have lost our kitchen workers and chefs to countries in the Middle East.

Kaya Demirer, When we communicate these developments regarding employees in the food and beverage sector, Nouri Develi He intervened and described his practice:

We have seen the positive effect of sending our friends working in our restaurants to a good restaurant in Istanbul even once.

Then we asked how much was lost in terms of jobs in the sector, Demire answered:

We recruited new employees to replace those who had left. Consequently, there has been no significant contraction in total employment in our sector.

He noted that they are at the forefront of the sectors that have suffered the most from the pandemic:

We literally ignore the year 2020. We were able to do business for 6 months in 2021. However, even in 6 months we had a big comeback, the period when things opened up. Of course, we couldn’t come back to the figures for 2019, but there was a return above what was expected.

He gave the following message for 2022:

Things are not bad, but not very good either. Rising costs and inflation are pushing the entire industry. Inevitably, there was also an increase, but the cost of inputs increased much more.

Nouri DeveliHe turned to , when asked about rising input costs, got the following response:

The increase in our input costs exceeded 100%.

Develi, He gave the following example regarding personnel:

Some of our apprentice employees went to the Gulf countries with a salary of 2,000 to 2,000,500 dollars.

Demire, He summed up the year 2022 in terms of the sector as follows:

There is business, there is turnover, but there is not much profit. 2022, in a way “It’s not the year of profit, it’s the year of ar” it will be.

TURYID, which represents upper-middle and luxury companies, has 3,000 members. “Potential to become a locomotive that will accelerate the acceleration of the economy” She is making significant strides towards human resources in the sector she sees…

The total turnover this year does not exceed 16 billion dollars

TURYID President of the council Kaya DemireurI asked:

– Since “Gastroeconomics” We’re talking, how has total industry revenue changed? Will you be able to catch up in 2019?

He replied as follows:

The biggest banknote in our country (200 TL) was not even enough to tip in fancy restaurants. In this environment, it is not very meaningful to present data in terms of TL.

He said that the total turnover of the food industry in Turkey was $20 billion in 2019:

In 2021, total revenue was $12.5 billion. In fact, we predicted that we would catch up to 2019 in 2022, the upward fluctuation of exchange rates and hyperinflation broke our calculations.

He shared his expectations for 2022:

In 2022, it seems that the total turnover of our industry will hardly exceed 15-16 billion dollars.

Following “3. Global Gastroeconomics Summit”He gave the following message about it:

For the first time in Turkey, gastronomy has been put on the agenda as a model for economic growth and development. “Gastroeconomics Summit”we care a lot.

Then he added:

Turkey must obtain a greater share of this market, which has become an economic power with high added value.

Promoting gastronomic heritage creates an international cultural space

TURYID Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Gastroeconomics Summit Committee Ebru Korali, listed the important foreign names that will speak at the summit:

  • Peter Sanner (Director of the Food Cultures and Heritage of France Mission): He played an important role in the inclusion of the French gastronomic dish on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.
  • Stefan Breg: There are more than 300 F&B concepts including Buddha Bar, Hakkasan, Pierre Gagnaire, Toro Toro, China Grill, Spice Market.
  • Juliane Cailloute: He has worked at the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) in the UK since 2016.

Peter SannerHe shared the following statement from:

Developing the gastronomic heritage and transferring it to the future creates a multidisciplinary cultural field on a national and international scale.

Doğuş bought the terrace restaurant from AKM, a new concept will come

TURYID head Kaya Demirer, at the start of the meeting“Gastroeconomics Summit”Before starting to talk about his work, he gave information about his work:

We will open Frankie Restaurant in Galataport in partnership with Doğuş Group.

Noting that Doğuş Group has consultants in gastronomy and hospitality, he shared the following information:

Doğuş Group took over the management of the restaurant area on the terrace of the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM). A new concept adapted to AKM and the Taksim region is planned. This will therefore be the new restaurant brand. Its opening will be attempted by the end of this year.

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