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In Turkey The first iftar tent was set up in Üsküdar in 1995. The iftar tents can be said to be the first of the effects on social and cultural life of the victory of the Welfare Party in many municipalities, including Istanbul, in the local elections of 1994. In an interview given years later, the mayor of ‘Üsküdar, Yılmaz Bayat, said the idea of ​​setting up iftar tents was born in order to keep the months of Ramadan on the agenda. That’s what happened. The tents have become platforms for social life. They received a lot of attention. One of the fathers of the process Mustafa Kutlu brother, “Many people and institutions that initially accused us of being Bedouin felt compelled to continue this tradition.” said. Indeed, iftar tents have become a Ramadan obligation over time. It spread all over the country. In a central plaza, where people line up before evening prayers and break their fast with two plates of hot food. temporary soup kitchen theme long preserved.

It seems that the interaction of conversations after dinner has given rise to new ideas. on the occasion of Ramadan Almost everyone who wants to socialize is a regular at iftar tents. started to arrive. TV stations have started to center their pre-iftar programs on tents. Because tents also started to serve as content production hubs. For example, the iftar tent set up in the outer courtyard of Eyüp Sultan is also Kanal 7 Television’s Ramadan program studio arrived. Under the guidance of our late professor Ömer Döngöloğlu, success in television broadcasting was also achieved. This interaction also paved the way for other television channels.

As a result, different formats have been developed on tents. Cultural and Ramadanevent in the spirit of the year their content turned into entertainment after a while. While Yılmaz Bayat was setting up the first tent “To contribute to the formation of the idea of ​​Ramadan, especially in the minds of children” We can say that the first years contributed to his intention. But tents sprouting like mushrooms sprouted everywhere. random content, community involvement with Ramadan changed course. Concerts, dance shows, iftar, hit the sahur, let it explode and play types of entertainment began to appear.

Inspired by Iftar tents “Ramadan in Feshane” the events were billed as an Istanbul tradition in the early 2000s. But that tradition was built on entertainment. There have been cases that have hurt the spirit of Ramadan. The clothes that Seda Sayan and Bülent Ersoy wore during their Ramadan concerts For example, there was an “event” in tabloid parlance. For example, the Milliyet newspaper “Feshane in Eyüp, Laila of Ramadan” had titled. This trend ended in 2007 with a concert by Sami Yusuf. İBB changed the theme during the Kadir Topbaş period. Content that will fill hearts, not about entertainment during Ramadan was prepared. At least those ugly images that take place during Ramadan stop.

In recent years, the growing complaints of society, the sensitivities of managers and These post-iftar gathering centers, which resonate little with the new generation, lost its popularity. The pandemic process has also had a great impact. Even book fairs, which set up shop for the month of Ramadan and welcome the flood of people between iftar and suhoor, don’t see the old attention.

If you noticed Ramadan is now more common on social media. Other communication channels have also tried to produce higher quality content in the rush to catch up with social media.

On my friend İsmail Halis’ TVNET channel; After Jerusalem and Andalusia, the pre-iftar program organized this year in Tashkent has been talked about for years; ‘How content should be specific to Ramadan and adapted to the spirit of the month of Ramadan’ was the answer to the question. There are two Ramadans Bekir Develion his YouTube channel Syrah programThe interest of n is always on everyone’s lips. This year again, Yeni Şafak on the YouTube channel, Nur Haktan and Muhammed Yazıcı recounted beautiful examples from the life of our Prophet. “Like herThe feedback we received from the show named “tells us, the broadcasters, what to do next.

it is my opinion that The quality of Ramadan broadcasting will build a culture. The months of Ramadan will also be freed from the imposition of communal events and entertainment. Organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Yenikapı, “How many glasses have been broken in my drunken heart” during Ramadan events singing the song in unison should be considered out of the category. The current IMM administration is attempting an old imposition under the name of Ramadan events. Pop artists such as Burcu Güneş, Mehmet Erdem and Rubato give concerts during Ramadan. Latin music is played and dances are performed in Ramadan event areas. It is not known how many more glasses will be broken in the “Ramadan squares without Ramadan”? On the other hand, those who want to properly fulfill the requirements of the month of Ramadan, The imposition of “Ramadan and entertainment” It can be observed that they do not pay premiums.

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