How to open a Google Business account, what should you consider?

Google My Business, or Google Business Account, is the most effective way for businesses to get featured in Google search results and get noticed by users. Let’s take a closer look at the answer to the question of how to open a Google business account and what you should pay attention to when creating this account.

The first thing you’ll do to get information about a business you’ve first heard of is Google that business name. Google business account And the more detailed the information about this account, the more your confidence in this company will increase. So whatever the service area means a business has a Google business account, it means it’s a safe place.

Google business account Until recently, companies didn’t pay much attention to it. But now times have changed. All users, especially the first time they heard the name of the companies they search for on Google for the first time. This shows how important the business account is and is part of the corporate identity. Bride How to Open a Google Business Account Let’s take a closer look and see what points you need to pay attention to when creating the account.

What is a Google Business Account?

When you search for a business name on Google, the area that appears at the top of the search results and shows details of the business information is the Google Business Profile. The business owner must have a Google business account to create this profile. With the Google business account, the business in question is visible on all Google services and the business contact details are shared by the business in the most accurate way.

How do I open a Google business account?

  • Step 1: Create a standard Google account.
  • 2nd step: Create a Google Business Profile.
  • Step 3: Create a Google business account.
  • Step 4: Match your Google Business Profile with your Business Account.
  • Step 5: Your Google Business Account has been opened.
  • Step 6: The operation is complete.

To open a Google business account, simply follow the steps above. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through these steps in detail. Alone The point you need to know and pay attention to, The Google Business Account is a combination of three different profiles. Therefore, you must be careful while following the steps.

Step 1: Create a standard Google account:

google business account

Create a Google Account suitable for your business via the link here, just like creating a Google Account suitable for personal use. Also called Gmail address With a Google account, you can use all Google services. Make sure the address name has a corporate vibe as this will turn into a business account.

Step 2: Create a Google Business Profile:

google business account

This step can be a bit confusing. Because if you have a long-standing business another user may have created a profile for your business on Google Maps. To see if such a profile exists, open the Google Maps service via the link here and search for your business.

If you have a business profile, you can skip to the next step. If you don’t have a company profile, open the search menu. Add your business Click on . Google of you will ask for information about company details. Be sure to enter all details up to date and accurately.

Step 3: Create a Google business account:

google business account

You now have a Google Business Profile, but You don’t have a Google business account. via the link here Google My Business open the page and Manage now Click on . At this point, Google will ask you for company details. Be sure to enter all details up to date and accurately.

Step 4: Link your Google Business Profile to your business account:

google business account

There are two ways to combine your Google Business Profile and your Google Business Account. You can choose your business when creating a Google Business Account or you can create or continue the process by declaring that you are the owner of the business profile that appears after you search for your business on Google.

Either way, Google will ask you to provide proof that you own that business. These are usually Confirmation codes will be sent to your email address or phone number. However, you may be asked for details other than these confirmation codes. Be sure to enter all details up to date and accurately. Your Google Business Account has been opened.

What are the benefits of using a Google Business Account?

google business account

  • You make sure your customers have the right information about your business.
  • You wouldn’t suffer such a loss since 68% of consumers leave a business due to unreliable information online.
  • made on your business view and respond to comments you have a chance.
  • By controlling the comments made on Google, you avoid the loss of reputation.
  • You don’t allow your competitors to get ahead of you.
  • You can keep possible defamation campaigns of your competitors under control.
  • With a Google business account because your business will achieve SEO compliance You will rank well in Google searches.
  • By checking your location on Google Maps, you make it much easier for your customers to find you.
  • You share the most accurate and up-to-date information about your business.
  • about your business You will have the opportunity to share updated changes.

Things to consider when creating a Google Business Account:

google business account

  • Google business account Do not create through your personal Google account.
  • Create a separate Standard Google Account for the Google Business Account.
  • Make sure your Google Business Profile information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Make sure your Google Business Account information is correct and up-to-date.
  • on Google Maps Make sure your location is correct and up to date.
  • Make sure your Google Business Profile isn’t linked to another Google Business Account.
  • If your business profile is associated with another business account, appeal as soon as possible.
  • your Google business profile Don’t forget to enrich it with updated photos and videos.
  • Don’t forget to add your website and social media accounts to your Google Business Profile.

What is a Google business account, how to create it We’ve answered questions and explained the benefits of the business account and what to consider. Although creating a Google business account is a straightforward process, you should be extremely careful when creating one when considering the benefits it will bring to your business in the future.

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