Incredible criminal complaint, filings and allegations of “immorality”

We learned yesterday that a complaint has been filed for the closure of the association We Will Stop Femicide Platform, which gives hope to hundreds of women victims of violence, provides legal support to the families of hundreds of women who have been killed, and are fighting day and night to bring their killers to account.

Of course, the reason why the association, which was the subject of the BBC documentaries, had to reward all its directors in another country, was of course a matter of curiosity. It is expected that a very serious irregularity will be detected and a major action such as drug trafficking and human trafficking will be detected in order to close down an association that does such important work.

However, the case is unique to Turkey, the whole process began in 2016, on a criminal complaint that should not even be taken seriously, given the spelling mistakes and the statements that follow one another. An extremely sensitive citizen has filed a criminal complaint against BIMER, which has now joined CIMER, listing the notions he learned in TV series, films and explanations.

In its uncorrected form, the notice stated:

“This is a notice to our esteemed president. Under the name of increasing women’s rights and stopping violence against women, they made our government and our state sign under the name of increasing women’s rights and to stop violence against women, which encircled them by suppressing them with international terrorist agreements and made them irremovable, which was supported from outside and whose bad intentions were clearly evident, took the host of the project to destroy our state and our family life, A total of 256 feminists, atheists, showenists, so-called religious terrorist gangs, including LGBT, transvestite and lesbian associations, whose supporters are clear… With the fabricated agendas that they have worked out in our country, our State and our social life, as well as the laws that they have promulgated, are only murders of women and men, who make family massacres with the laws that they have promulgated. terrorist gangs designed to multiply divorces, prostitution and adultery and destroy our family life, steal the future of our children.

All these female terrorist associations and dishes, which are supposed to be the defenders of female terrorists who participated in terrorist activities and were arrested for their activities aimed at destroying our state and our nation, were immediately placed under the state of emergency, and all these terrorists, women’s associations and their platforms, in particular the We Will Stop Femicide platform, be placed under a state of emergency… Plat… defended the deputies arrested by the judicial bodies in its functions. There are insulting statements about our esteemed president and our government…”


Organized Crime Leader Sedat BeijingThe state and the judiciary, which were indifferent to information about corruption and irregularities, reacted immediately. First, the owner of the claim was informed that the criminal complaint was being processed, and then the denunciation request was sent to the Istanbul Governor’s office.

The process developed as follows after all this:

  • According to the filing, the Directorate of Provincial Associations of Istanbul Governorate filed a request with the Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office on March 29, 2018 and requested the closure of the We Will Stop Femicide platform.
  • In its response of May 2, 2018, the prosecution stated: “Even though the dissolution of the association was requested with a letter of criminal complaint, it was not fully understood what events and concrete facts constituted the belief that ” the association operates outside its object and that the object of the association has become illegal and immoral’. …’ we said. Your letter has been returned with a request to send based on events and hard facts.
  • This time, the governor’s office sent a letter to the prosecutor’s office stating that “the case has been forwarded to the Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate for the necessary investigation to be carried out to find out whether the aforementioned associations and their leaders are in contact with the terrorist organization, and this information will be given depending on the response.”
  • On January 6, 2021, the prosecution reminded the governorate that although this letter was sent on March 14, 2019, no information was transmitted to them.
  • The prosecution sent another letter on June 10, 2021, requesting that the information be sent again. For some reason, instead of closing the case, he constantly asked for documents and information.
  • This response was given on August 9, 2021. In the letter sent, it was stated that the records of lawyers and members of the association’s board of directors had been investigated. It was reported that information about the lawyer could not be obtained, but the detention of female board members in various actions and the lawsuits and investigations initiated in this regard were listed.
  • In the police letter, the names of various unrelated organizations that were not the subject of the prosecution were listed alongside the complaints filed for crimes of violation of the Meetings and Demonstrations Act, and unrelated to the prosecution. , as the marches took place during these organizations.
  • In the letter from the police, it was stated that “it was concluded that the persons acting as organs of the associations are responsible for their actions, that the main object of the management organs of the association is not not the activity of the association, and that the purpose of the association has become illegal and immoral.”


The Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office has taken action on this. On December 2, 2021, the prosecution, which took up the words of the denunciation and the “opinion” of the police information note, prepared a legal action for the dissolution of the association.

It was stated in the trial that statements were made regarding the arrests of HDP MPs. At the same time, it was said that an official of the Association of Libertarian Lawyers, which was closed with the decree on the state of emergency, works in the association. They were treated as if they were crimes.

The marking in the police letter was not repeated, but references were made to these cases and investigations.

In the two-page lawsuit, it was claimed that “the purpose of the association had become illegal and immoral”, ignoring the association’s work on hundreds of women and referring to some messages it had published on the social networks, and therefore to the dissolution of the association. the association was claimed.

That’s all. It’s the Turkish equivalent of years of hard work. Criminal complaints from a few strange people who lead their lives as whistleblowers, lawsuits filed following unjust detentions and interventions in marches about women, a few social media posts.

Those who did all of this stood up and then said that the state is on the side of women victims of violence. He is looking for their relatives after the murdered women. But for some reason, the same people want those who really support women and fight to make them disappear.

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