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Declaration of irregular immigration from the Ministry of the Interior

Last minute… The Ministry of the Interior said: “21,087 irregular migrants have been deported since the beginning of the year”.

The statement said that “9,654 of those deported are from Afghanistan, 4,206 from Pakistan and 7,227 from other nationalities. In 2022, 28 charter flights (private flights) were carried out under deportation procedures.”


The statement continued: “Migrant smugglers turn to social media to find new clients. Migrant smugglers, who often use social media to pretend that the Turkish border is easily crossed, circulate images claiming that irregular migrants have entered our country and between Afghanistan and Iran or the Afghanistan and Pakistan. While smugglers use methods that cast a shadow over our country’s fight against irregular immigration, the numbers tell the truth. With the highest level of security ensured at our borders, effective arrests and repatriations are carried out with a success well above the European average.

In order to maintain our border security at the highest level, work on firewalls, lighting systems, cameras, optical towers, patrol roads, trenches, chain-link fences continues unabated. In this context; In 2021, a total of 451,096 irregular migrants, in our eastern and southern provinces, were prevented from entering our country. As of April 14, 2022, the number of irregular immigrants who were barred from entering our country in 2022 was 127,256.


Istanbul’s governor’s office also issued a written statement on immigrants, which has been discussed recently.

In the statement, “Dear residents of Istanbul, our competent institutions are showing great effort and sensitivity in the fight against irregular migration in our city. Legal proceedings are implemented quickly and decisively against foreigners who have violated the relevant legislation or have been involved in In this context, 71 thousand 959 in 2021 by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Measures have been taken against irregular migrants. Among them, 23 thousand 72 have were expelled from Istanbul, while 39 thousand 525 were transferred to removal centers in other provinces between January 1 and April 15, 2022, a total of 4,000 irregular migrants, including 661 from Afghanistan and 1 418 from Pakistan, were prosecuted.7,684 of these people were deported from Istanbul, while 7,590 were sent to provincial centers for deportation procedures.


Highlighting the shares on social media, the statement said: “Recently, it has been seen that messages have been posted especially on social media with the aim of creating unrest in society by driving people to hatred and hatred. The messages are closely and meticulously monitored by our competent institutions, and legal action is taken against the posts and individuals carrying criminal elements, among them, the Afghan national AA, who shared on social networks weapons and sharp tools, Moroccan national HI, who was involved in sexual harassment against children, Pakistani nationals ZW, UM, MK and, who secretly took videos of women walking in the street, was captured by our security forces. security and arrested by the courts TMS nationals of Pakistan, who shared a similar nature, were expelled, Syrian HH, who started an argument while sat down nt on a chair in the middle of the street, and CR and NM of Pakistani nationals, and AMD, who were Libyan nationals involved in the extortion, were taken to removal centers, and their deportation proceedings are continuing. fact. “Our security forces are on duty 24/7 for the peace and security of our city and the well-being of all who live there,” he said.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also said in a statement the day before that “19,336 Syrians have been able to leave the country due to security concerns since 2016”.

Minister Soylu said: “According to data from the immigration administration, the number of Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey fell from 220,000 to 3.5 million during this period. Turkey, which was exposed to an unprecedented amount of mass migration, said, “With the steps it has taken in this period, the process without any weaknesses in terms of social economy or security. managed.” mentioned.

Soylu went on to say: “Since 2016, 19,336 Syrians have been able to leave the country due to security concerns. In 2020, the success rate for deportations in Europe was 18%, and 40% of those we received were repatriated. And in 2022, the success rate of deportations increased by 73% compared to the same period of the previous year and became 41.2%, and the number was 20 thousand 636.

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