Member of Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Necmi İlhan’s Hopeful Statement

Member of the Coronavirus Social Science Council of the Ministry of Health and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan made statements ahead of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Drawing attention to the recent decrease in coronavirus cases and death rates, Scientific Committee member Prof. Dr. İlhan said, “As you know, we saw 300 deaths per day just 2 months ago. But thank goodness when we look at the last week we have less than 100 deaths, we have seen less than 80 and hopefully those numbers will go even lower. In the meantime, as everyone knows in the new era of the coronavirus, we are now experiencing a process where vaccination comes to the fore and individual measures come to the fore.

Seeing that a certain pace has been reached in vaccination, people are aware of the virus and pay more attention to their personal precautions, Prof. Dr. İlhan used the following statements:

People couldn’t experience Ramadan for 2 years. They hadn’t been able to get together during Ramadan for 2 years, and they couldn’t be together at iftars.

That is why, in order to better live this process, I believe that we can live a much better process this year, with very little time, by continuing this careful lifestyle. Again, this should be avoided.

Of course, we will meet again at iftar time, but let’s make sure the environment is ventilated with fresh air.

It can be difficult to keep the distance, since we cannot wear masks, let’s pay attention to the ventilation of environments with fresh air.

Let’s try to keep the distance if possible. Let’s try to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between us. If we can’t do that, try to provide 1 meter distance again.

Emphasizing that with the arrival of the month of Ramadan, activity will decrease during the day, and contact will decrease with this situation in places of food and drink. Dr Ilhan said:

When you think that with the arrival of the month of Ramadan, people will not gather in crowds at least during the day, and they will postpone their social life; I believe that the month of Ramadan will contribute to the progress of the process.

When we put that on top of each other, I think we can see much better numbers over the holidays when it comes to vaccination at some level, people’s knowledge of contagion, attention to ventilating indoor environments with fresh air and not to encounter crowds.

But of course, all this is connected with the emergence of a new variant, whether citizens follow the rules or not, and vaccination depends on a certain level.


Stressing that three factors must be considered together at the current stage regarding the coronavirus, the member of the scientific committee, Prof. Dr Ilhan said:

*Actually, at the current stage that we have reached in the process of the coronavirus, as you know, the cases are decreasing in the world, there is a slight increase on the Asian side. Three factors must be considered together.

* Levels of immunization and vaccination of a society and a people, level of attention of two societies to obey the rules; Wearing masks in large crowds, paying attention to distance, ventilating the environment with fresh air, and besides that there are virus-related factors, the main one being the lack of a new variant much more contagious and much more deadly.

If all three are together, and it seems so; in the near future

After the month of Ramadan, I think we will see much better times during the summer months. But I would like to express here that the epidemic is still going on and precaution should not be neglected.

Responding to the question “Is it possible to enter Eid al-Fitr without a mask”, and whether this situation would be possible, Scientific Committee member İlhan used the following statements:

It can be considered depending on the place visited. For example, after the Eid prayer, there will be no need to wear a mask, as it will be outside during the feast.

But after shaking hands after the feast, it would be better to wash your hands well and treat them with cologne and disinfectant.

In addition, if we went to our elders and our elders live in a small place or have chronic diseases, especially for the over 65s, we must pay attention to ventilating these environments with fresh air .

We like to get together during the holidays. We even wanted to meet up with big families. But we can say that it would be much fairer to visit our elders and those who suffer from chronic diseases, one by one, during this holiday.

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