Mobile office tools donated by TIKA reduce the distance of Uzbeks

Thanks to 20 mobile office vehicles donated by TIKA to the State Services Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan in September 2018, state services can be provided even in the most remote corners of the country.

The mobile office vehicles, which can serve even in areas where there is no electricity because they are equipped with solar energy generating panels, travel to the most remote corners of the country and bring the services from the state to the citizens.

Each of the vehicles of the mobile office, which can provide most of the approximately 200 services offered by state service institutions, travels an average of 10-12 thousand kilometers per year.

The mobile office vehicles used in the Tashkent region traveled to the village of Sanganak, near the Parkent mountain, 80 kilometers from the capital, and offered various government services to dozens of citizens.

Citizens living in the mountainous region received necessary government services for themselves without traveling to the district center.

It has the ability to provide nearly 100 different government services.

State Services Agency spokeswoman Sevara Zakirova said the 20 specially equipped mobile offices donated by TIKA play an important role in delivering state services to the most remote corners. from the country.

Institution notary, tax, estate, insurance and title deed services, business formation, work permit and license, birth certificate, identity, passport and driver’s license transactions, government payments. electricity, gas, water and other bills, registration of documents and documents, nursery and school registration, Zakirova said that these mobile offices have the ability to provide nearly 100 different government services, including retirement and military service, natural gas and electricity subscriptions of private and legal persons, and building and architectural permits.

Explaining that mobile office vehicles provide a public service to more than one million people every year and that each vehicle travels 10 to 12,000 kilometers per year, Zakirova said: “Mobile office vehicles are a service of a week for citizens living in remote areas to keep their distance closer and for government services to go “at the feet of the people”. It also facilitates the delivery of public services to citizens by working towards the end.” mentioned.

“It brings the distance closer to the citizens”

The head of the Tashkent office of the State Services Agency, Erkin Doripov, pointed out that the mobile office vehicles, which provide independent energy and Internet connection thanks to the specially placed solar panel, can serve even in the places where there is no electricity, and said it is very useful in remote settlements.

Stating that the necessary remote areas were determined in advance and that mobile offices traveled to these areas, Doripov said: “If government services were provided to more than one million people in 2021, only by the Provincial Directorate of Tashkent, almost 170,000 such services were provided to citizens living in remote areas via mobile office vehicles. This saves people time and money. It also helps to save money. used the expression.

“We are happy that the mobile offices are appreciated by the highest authorities in Uzbekistan”

TIKA Tashkent program coordinator Cemalettin Tüney visited Sanganak village and visited the mobile office vehicle service, and got information about the services provided to citizens.

Tüney, in his statement to the AA correspondent, said that these vehicles provide various services to people living in the provinces, away from city centers and districts. He noted that it was developed for the purpose of providing services.

Stressing that the mobile offices are appreciated by the Uzbek authorities, Tüney said:

“Uzbek President Şevket Mirziyoyev, when he saw these mobile office tools from TIKA during his working visit to a region of the country, he was curious and saw them and liked them very much. We are also happy to praised and appreciated by the highest authorities in Uzbekistan, we are happy to have helped to facilitate it.

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