“No company that is not innovative will not find its place in the market” – Journal Kartepe

The Cooperation Ceremony on Artificial Intelligence and Geographically Marked Products was held with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank at the IT Valley located in Gebze district of Kocaeli. During the ceremony, an artificial intelligence protocol was signed between Hepsiburada company and TÜBİTAK, while a protocol was signed between Hepsiburada company and the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office regarding the geographically indicated products. With the collaborations achieved, it aims to further develop the e-commerce industry, easily solve problems in the e-commerce industry with the help of artificial intelligence, and create awareness by highlighting the geographically tagged products on e-commerce . Platform.

“As Turkey, we are working to become one of the leading players in artificial intelligence”

Stating that they have come together for two important cooperations, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said, “One of them is the Hepsiburada – TÜBİTAK cooperation. Through this cooperation, we will develop solutions to the problems faced by the growing e-commerce sector through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is indispensable in today’s technological world. It has the ability to bring each sector to a different dimension. Take the auto industry. Today, cars are transformed into living spaces where people can spend time. When we look at the gaming industry, it is now difficult to distinguish between real and virtual. Shopping has become entertainment with virtual test cabin apps. From health to agriculture, from automotive to defence, from education to security, the functioning of each domain is being rewritten. As Turkey, we are working to become one of the leading players in artificial intelligence. At this point, the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy is our compass. The Artificial Intelligence Institute is just one of the seeds we have sown in this area.

“Turkey will win with this cooperation”

Stating that the private sector and the public will come together at the Artificial Intelligence Institute, Minister Varank said: “The core technologies and algorithms developed here will be made available to all sectors in a short period of time. . Here, the E-Commerce Competence Center established within the Artificial Intelligence Institute will lead artificial intelligence solutions in e-commerce. With the cooperation of Hepsiburada – TÜBİTAK, AI applications such as personalization, more efficient sales, intelligent search and virtual assistant go even further. The parties will mutually share their knowledge, experience, infrastructure and expertise. In the end, thanks to this cooperation, our two institutions, the e-commerce sector, other sectors and Turkey will be winners. »

“We protect our products from all kinds of abuse and counterfeiting”

Referring to the protocol signed between the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute and Hepsiburada, Minister Varank said, “Thanks to this cooperation, a new study on geographical indications is launched. GI products will be promoted at Hepsiburada and awareness of GIs will be increased. Geographical indications represent the unique values ​​of each country. It ensures the preservation of knowledge and experience transmitted from generation to generation through hard work and sweat. In this context, as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we fight to protect these values ​​more strongly than ever. We protect cezerye from Mersin, herb cheese from Van, baklava from Gaziantep, Oltu stone from Erzurum from all kinds of abuse and imitation.

“We have 7 geographical indications registered with the European Union”

Pointing out that the number of registered geographical indications was 50 in total in 2002, Minister Varank said: “Now we have registered 352 geographical indications only in 2021. Of course, our target is higher. When we carry our indications geographies on the international stage, we will double our success. If we feel uncomfortable when we see the Berlin kebab signs, if we are upset when Greece grabs the baklava, it is clear that we must do something about it. For example, Gaziantep has taken the step at this stage and Gaziantep baklava has been registered as a geographical indication in the European Union. Currently, we have 7 geographical indications registered with the European Union. Hopefully next month this number will increase to 8. However, it is clear that these figures are not suitable for our ancient country like Turkey, which is the ca rrefour of civilizations and where cultures mix. Friends have said that number will increase to 100 in the coming period. But I wholeheartedly believe we can get past that,” he said.

“No company that is not innovative will not find its place in the market”

Stating that companies that are not innovative and do not cooperate will not find a place in the market in the future, Varank said, “You don’t have the opportunity to say, ‘I founded my company, I made a product and I will continue”. Because today trends are not determined on the supply side, but on the demand side. They take shape according to customer requests. “Customers are constantly asking for better and new ones. The way to meet these needs is through innovation and cooperation. the market. In a market in constant transformation, the business of companies is now even more difficult on.” made statements.

“We have taken a proactive approach to high-speed charging stations”

Stating that one of the most important items on the agenda of this period is that of electric vehicles, Minister Varank said: “Here we lead the private sector as a public sector. We have put forward a proactive approach to high-speed charging stations. a few weeks ago took the support program for high-speed charging stations. announced to the public. We are opening the 300 million lira budget support program, in which more than 1,500 high-speed charging stations will be established, starting from Saturday, that is, from tomorrow. Now the ball is yours. To succeed, the efforts of the private sector must be matched by the efforts of the public. Responsibilities drop. The fact that you can improve your position by following the transformation is the guarantee of the future of this country,” he said.

“We are committed to promoting our national wealth”

Hanzade Doğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hepsiburada, said: “Through our cooperation with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, we deliver hundreds of geographically marked products that remain within the borders of the region, first to all corners of Turkey, then to “We are strengthening the program with geographically marked products. We are committed to promoting our national wealth, supporting our local producers and raising consumer awareness. We believe that our cooperation will make a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture, local economies and reducing regional development gaps.”

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