Passionate student of science and technology from Mardin opened up to the world thanks to TUBITAK

He lived in the central district of Artuklu and studied at Deyrulzafaran monastery for a time. Mardin Science High School graduate Markus Acar, science and technology He attracts attention with his interest in the subject and the projects he prepares. Acar came third in Turkey with the project he developed with a friend on smart city planning in the national science camp project competition organized by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) while he was in high school.

Last year at TEKNOFEST TUBITAK Acar, who crosses paths with the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center, traveled to China with a team of about 10 students for fieldwork in conjunction with an international project. Acar reached the final with his 3 Chilean and 2 Chinese friends in the competition organized by the European Nuclear Center (CERN) in Switzerland, among high school students, with his project “Low Cost Graphene Detector Based on Field Effect Transistor (FET) beam designs of electrons in particle accelerators”.

Acar, who has been accepted by McMaster, Columbia, Toronto and Waterloo universities in Canada, will study at McMaster University next year.

Minister Varank congratulated

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank praised Acar, whom he met online. During the meeting, Minister Varank said: “It is our greatest wish that young people like you turn to these fields. If we can create a passion for you and light a fire, I think we will really benefit the next generations. your mother, your father and Mardin. I hope one of the Turkish teams will win.” mentioned.

TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal also congratulated Acar and his team, whom he met via teleconference, said they would always be by their side and invited him to TÜBİTAK.

“We need to train many Aziz Sancars, Selçuk Bayraktars”

In a statement to the AA Correspondent, Acar said he lives in Mardin with his family and tries to participate in science and technology projects and studies, especially for 3 years. Stating that he has many national and international participations and researches, Acar recalled that he won third place in the National Science Camp Project Competition, which he participated in when he was studying at Mardin Science High School. Noting that he has participated in various congresses and project competitions, Acar said:

“I met TÜBİTAK President Prof. Hasan Mandal at Teknofest in September 2019. I was at TÜBİTAK Headquarters and TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus by invitation. Thank you for their support and hospitality. “I went to China with 10 students to study. With experience and support, we have sent a team project to the competition organized by CERN, the European Center for Research in Nuclear Physics, among high school students for the past two years. This year we participated as Simes Science Academy with an international team.”

Recalling that there are 3 Chilean students and 2 Chinese students and a Chilean coach in the team, Acar explained that they formed the team by communicating through social networks. Stating that between 200 and 500 teams participate in the Beamline For Schools competition organized by CERN since 2014, Acar recalled that nearly 20 teams were selected for the final based on the participation rate. Explaining that the winning teams were called to the Particle Physics Center to perform their experiments, Acar continued:

“This year, the winners will perform their experiment at the DESY Particle Physics Center in Hamburg, Germany. We have been shortlisted this year. If we win the competition, we will be remembered as the first international team to win. hope we will be one of the winning teams. I want to thank my teammates for their efforts. Also, “We have 3 shortlisted Turkish teams. If our team is not among the winning teams, I would very much like other Turkish teams to win.”

Stressing that student interest in science and technology has increased in Turkey in recent years, Acar said, “We need to train many Aziz Sancars and Selçuk Bayraktars. We showed everyone that we can be successful whenever we want and supported each other. My biggest goal is to establish a company that works in the field of technology in the future and that will make a name for itself in the world “to be one of the technology leaders.” he said.

Expressing that he will progress step by step to achieve his goal, Acar said he will study at university in Canada.

Stating that he will pursue all his studies based on science and technology, Acar thanked everyone who gave scholarships for his education in Canada. Markus Acar continued his remarks as follows:

“I will try to take the right steps in my work so that I can be included in the qualified human resources of my country and the world. I recommend to my peers to follow people who have knowledge in line with their interests and I want that they overcome obstacles and not give up on their goals in order to achieve their goals. Thanks to you, I was able to get it. Science and technology guide our lives.”

Deyrulzafaran Monastery Maintenance, Repair and Subsistence Association Vice President Yılmaz Hibezmez said they were proud of Acar.

Emphasizing that they will always support Acar financially and morally, who studied at the monastery for 2 years, Hibezmez said, “We are very proud to have a student like Markus. We will help him to go to Canada. As a Syriac community, we have prepared a budget among ourselves. I hope we will bring Markus to study in Canada with him. He will return to his state and his nation as a benevolent person. We will always be by your side.”

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