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The Minister of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, was the guest of the show “Neutral Zone” on CNN Türk the day before. Minister Kurum, who gave statements on many issues ranging from housing prices to urban transformation, from climate change to the Kanal Istanbul project, also gave good news for low and middle income citizens. Stating that they have built 1 million 200,000 houses as TOKİ in 20 years, the institution said, “Last year we built 100 social housing units and the previous year 50,000 social housing units. Our President started this project with the understanding to “Leave no citizen homeless”. Together with TOKi, we will soon be carrying out another social housing move in our 81 provinces. Our president will share the details with our nation. We will announce it this year,” he said.


Assessing the increase in housing prices, Minister Kurum said, “There will be 1.5 million sales per year across the country. About 31% of these sales are sales of first-hand homes and the rest are second-hand homes. When we look at these sales, contractor companies build houses and make sales based on the balance between supply and demand. There has been a surplus of housing in recent years, there has been a criticism. We campaigned by talking about it with Mr. Berat Albayrak and our President. When it comes to prices today, there is a cost increase here. Not to mention the supply, the supply chain is so broken that you make appointments beyond 9-10 months. When you look at the world, there is an increase. There are opportunists at work. However, it is not fair to blame the entire industry for the opportunists. Investigations are ongoing and necessary sanctions are applied to those who are detected,” he said. Stating that 14% of homes sold in 2021 are TOKİ homes, the Authority noted that in this way, the prices on the market have been removed. Responding to the criticism that “the price of housing is increasing due to the sale of housing to foreigners”, Minister Kurum said: “There are 40-45-50 thousand houses sold to foreigners. foreigners every year. Last year, home sales to 59,000 foreigners were involved. This rate means 3 percent out of a sale of 1.5 million. When you look at Istanbul specifically, it is 3 or 5 percent. Selling to strangers is not a situation that increases the price of housing,” he said.




Saying, “The urban transformation, the earthquake is an undeniable fact for us,” Minister Kurum said that so far, 3 million residences across the country have been transformed. The institution said: “Today we are building 350,000 transformation homes and social housing, which are still under construction, in the strongest, safest and healthiest way possible. To date, we have completed the transformation of 300,000 residences in Istanbul. Currently, we are rapidly continuing the transformation of 140,000 homes in 39 neighborhoods. Our Istanbul is preparing more and more for an earthquake every day. Our goal is that when we come to 2035, we don’t want an area left in Turkey that hasn’t undergone urban transformation,” he said. Appealing to municipalities, the Authority said: “Our municipalities need to come out and produce urban transformation projects and allocate resources. As a ministry, we will provide land support and financial support. We see this issue above politics. I don’t want to say, “He did this, he did this”. We must continue the total mobilization so that we no longer suffer from these sufferings,” he said. Affirming that they are fighting against illegal structures throughout the country, Minister Kurum said that the teams are on the ground in each province. and that the necessary measures have been taken.



“Marmara will be cleaner than before” Stating that Turkey’s largest national garden will be built at ATATÜRK airport, the institution announced that it will launch the project, which will be a cultural center and a living center social, in May, and the first phase will be completed in 2023. Referring to the Kanal Istanbul project, the Authority said that the residences in this area will be used as reserve residences in the process of urban transformation and that no no additional population will come into the city. The institution also noted that all the risks were analyzed with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, and they started with the report prepared by 200 scientists.


Assessing the problem of mucilage, the Institution said: “We have taken the necessary measures, we have cleaned the mucilage. There is no risk of mucilage in Marmara, but that does not mean it will not occur. We have measures to take in the medium and long term. We need to improve the quality of treatment plants. Our municipalities will build the facilities within 3 years. Now our Marmara will become cleaner than before,” he said.

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