(SUMMARY) Trabzonspor – Fatih Karagumruk match result: 1-1 – Trabzonspor (TS)

In the opening bout of the 33rd week of Super League Spor Toto, Trabzonspor, who were stepping up to the championship, faced VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük, coached by Volkan Demirel. Trabzonspor, who failed to win in the last 3 matches, were looking to end their poor run against Karagümrük. However, things didn’t go as planned for Storm.

While the first half was described as “over”, at 45 + 5, Lucas Biglia led Karagümrük to the locker room 1-0 thanks to a superb goal from a free kick. Entering the second half with moves, Abdullah Avcı’s Trabzonspor destroyed the game on the opposing field. The goal sought in 58 was found with Vitor Hugo and the score was balanced: 1-1. After that minute, the Black Sea giant was charged into the opposing goal with all his lines, the Bordeaux-Mavililer, who were looking for a goal in the opposing goal, including their defenders Denswill and Hugo, could not reach their goal, the game ended 1-1.

Although Trabzonspor increased their score to 73 with this result, their desire for victory increased to 4 games. The Istanbul team continued their European claim by making 47 points.


aMatch referee Halil Umut Meler blew the first whistle and the fight began.


18‘ On the fault of the Black Customs defense, Cornelius grabs the ball and sends it to Visca. The Bosnian footballer saw Hamsik just behind the penalty area, the Slovak superstar made a very elegant and smooth shot in a single, goalkeeper Viviano snatched the ball from the corner.

25‘ Caner sent the ball to Ahmed Musa on the left wing, the Nigerian footballer couldn’t control it but the ball was suddenly past Bistrovic. Successful football player shot from the left side of the penalty area, the ball hitting Hugo goes into the corner. This may be a dangerous position…

34‘ Bakasetas slipped away from his opponent in the penalty area but lost position, the Greek player dropped the ball to Hamsik right behind him, the star player didn’t find the target in his shot.

42‘ In the corner used by Trabzonspor from the right wing, a carrom occurred in the penalty area, the bouncing ball Visca hit his arrival from the front view of the castle, but aut.

45‘ +3 is added at the end of the first half.


45+2As Pesic entered the penalty area, he remained on the ground with the intervention of Yusuf Erdogan. Halil Umut Meler first said “fault”, his assistant said “penalty”. Then it was understood that the position was a foul by the VAR check.


45+5‘ Biglia took the ball from the free kick won and scored a fantastic goal. Uğurcan was helpless… Karagümrük leads 1-0.

The first half is over.

46‘ The second half has started.


55‘ Nwakaeme crossed from the left wing at the far post, Peres coming from the back sent the ball auta from the top when it was empty in the back of the goal!

57‘ Visca from the right takes the corner at the near post, Bakasetas’ header goes into goalkeeper Viviano.


58Pressure from Trabzonspor paid off. In the middle made inside, Visca knocked down Denswill in singles, Denswill punched in, Hugo touched inside the penalty area and shook the net. The score is now 1-1!

66‘ Abdulkadir fired a free kick from the right, cut a hard cross to the penalty spot, Djaniny came up well but hit badly, aut.

67‘ Caner tried his luck from afar but couldn’t find the castle.

69In Karagümrük’s fast attack, Levent came in from the right wing and punched in, but he got out.


75‘ Bakasetas crossed from the left, Hugo hit a header, Denswill fouled Viviano when the ball came back into the field from the crossbar trying to shake the net.


77‘ Karagümrük came fast, Bistrovic wanted to send it to Pesic on the right of the penalty area, Denswill intervened, Samed hit a single but the ball came back into the field from the side post.

81‘ Bakasetas hit the goal from outside the penalty area from the front, Viviano pulled out.

89‘Abdülkadir Ömür shoots from far, the ball stays in Viviano’s lap.

90‘ +4 is added at the end of the challenge.


90+3‘ Karagümrük took the corner from the right wing, Burak headed in, the ball came back into the field from the top post, Pesic took a chance from the left diagonal, the ball stayed in the side netting.

The game is over.

Trabzonspor – Fatih Karagumruk 11’s…

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan, Peres, Hussein, Hugo, Denswil, Dorukhan, Hamsik, Bakasetas, Visca, Djaniny, Cornelius

Fatih Karagumruk: Viviano, Salih, Burak, Luckassen, Caner, Biglia, Touré, Bistrovic, Ahmed Musa, Karamoh, Pesic

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