TMMOB Disaster Symposium

2022.04.15 06:30


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The TMMOB Disaster Symposium will be held April 20-22, 2022.

During the symposium, which will be attended by the mayors of Ankara and the Metropolitan Municipality of Muğla, the reasons why natural events of geological, hydrological and meteorological origin turn into disasters will be discussed.

We organized the first symposium in 2007, which aimed to prevent natural events in our country from turning into disasters, to develop an organization on risk assessment, disaster preparedness and crisis management during disasters.

The ideas we discussed at our first Disaster Symposium, which we held at this time, when the social sensitivity created by the August 17 earthquake on disaster preparedness waned and government and administrations neglected their responsibilities, contributed significantly to the development of TMMOB policies in this area.

Today, we are going through a period when disasters are becoming more frequent, the insufficiency of public institutions in disaster preparedness is revealed and the social consequences of disasters are increasing. With the development of technology, it is very important to renew our intellectual knowledge in this field and to cope with new scientific approaches and technical developments in this field.


We frequently experience many of these disasters recently, from epidemics to wars, from earthquakes to fires, from floods to landslides, from severe weather events to avalanches.

After disasters, we have become prisoners of a managerial mentality that prides itself on going to the scene with journalists and the protection army and healing the wounds of the victims.

The process of struggle based on the sacrifices of some people, instead of a distribution of shared responsibilities distributed over the whole of society, forms the basis of our strategy to deal with disasters.

Of course, it is important and necessary to heal the wounds, but instead of this understanding, we need a disaster and crisis management policy based on precaution, planning and risk management, which prevents disasters, minimizes the damage of disasters and considers the protection of human life as the main objective.

Thanks to the development of science and technology, we are in a much more privileged position than previous civilizations in terms of protection against the destructive effects of nature and the fight against natural disasters.

On the other hand, the opportunities we have as a human civilization do not sufficiently reduce the losses we have suffered as human beings in the face of disasters.


I believe that this situation is due to two closely related reasons: first, legal regulations and public decisions are not determined on the basis of scientific facts; The second is that the profit-oriented and competitive structure of capitalism does not serve the common interest of society.

Every request made without heeding the warnings of scientists, TMMOB and professional organizations comes back to us like a disaster. This disaster sometimes becomes an apartment collapsing out of nowhere, sometimes a flooded settlement, and sometimes our forests on fire.

It can be said that this understanding, which ignores science, is actually the result of the operating logic of capitalism aimed at increasing “exploitation” and “profitability”. The operating logic of capitalism is based on protecting the interests of a certain class, a group with certain privileges, and not the general interest of society. This situation is contrary to the common interest of humanity. Social measures are seen as a financial burden for capital segments.

If the natural and human events we face turn into such devastating disasters despite the state of development we find ourselves in and the opportunities we have, it is because of capitalism’s appetite for rent and wealth. exploitation.

We need a socialist perspective and public policies in all areas to overcome this situation which has led all of humanity to disaster. In the current state, it does not seem possible for state authorities to develop these policies. We will do this by discussing it together and bringing together our experiences and knowledge.

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