What is Google My Business and what is it for?


Google My Business is a free business platform offered by Google. Let’s see how to sign up for Google My Business and its details.

What does Google My Business do?

With Google My Business, business owners can increase their visibility on Google. Google shares information about affected companies in the box to the right of search results. Let’s share the 2021 data for those who say what Google My Business is for.

According to Ipsos Research, with Google My Business

  • 7 times more clicks can be received.
  • On-site visits increase by 70%.
  • The purchase rate increases by 50%.

What services does Google My Business offer?

With Google My Business, you can let your customers know about the service you provide. You can share the region you serve and working hours details. You can post updates. You can present your products.

How do I sign up for Google My Business?

  • Enter your business name, then click the Add your business to Google button.

  • At this point, you must choose whether your business address will be displayed on Google Maps and search results.

  • At this point, you must enter your business address completely and correctly. In order for your company to be approved, a code will be sent to the address you provided by post.
  • You can continue by checking the “None of these” option on the page listing the companies likely to belong to you.
  • If you have a business that you serve or send, at this point select the “Yes” option and mark the region.

  • You must enter your work phone number and your website address. It is very important that the information you enter in this field is completely correct. Customers who view your business will contact you based on your information in this area. Additionally, a confirmation code will be texted to your phone to create your business profile.

  • At this point, you should register your business hours on your profile.
  • You can help your customers call you by adding a few descriptive phrases about your business.

  • In the next step, you need to upload your business images in order to post them on your profile.

Google My Business address change

To change your Google My Business address, click on the “Info” field in the left menu. Then you can edit the address on the page that opens.

Adding Google My Business Photos

Click the Photos button on the admin page to add or remove photos from your Google Business profile. On the page that opens, select the area based on the type of photo you are going to upload and upload your images. In the photos you want to delete, after opening the photo, it will be enough to click on the trash can icon at the top right.

SEO with Google My Business

One of the most important things to do to stand out with Google My Business is SEO. You need to optimize your Google Business profile to stand out and win customers from businesses that offer similar services in the same region as you.

You can use the articles on your website while optimizing your business profile. Or, you can share the content you share on your social media accounts under the posts tab. You can also make your business stand out more by responding to customer reviews.

Google My Business and Local SEO

It is very important that your website or business appear in local search results. Users can visit your website to purchase services from you or get directions to reach your business. In any case, your website or company profile must perform well in terms of SEO.

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