Who is Haluk Levent? April 16 Guest on Afara Who is Haluk Levent, how old is he, where is he from, what is his profession?

One of the guests of the Afara show, Haluk Levent wonders who he is. So who is Haluk Levent? Who is Haluk Levent, the guest of the Afara show, how old is he, where does he come from, what is his job? Is Haluk Levent married? How old is Haluk Levent? The details are in our article…


Haluk Levent Emergency or better known as Haluk Levent (November 26, 1968, Yüreğir, Adana), is a Turkish rock singer.

He was born on November 26, 1968 in Yamaçlı neighborhood in Yüreğir district in Adana. Haluk Levent, the eighth of nine siblings, says his family is Nusayri but not Arab. He attended Sabancı Primary School. He graduated from Adana Ataturk High School.

Thereafter, he worked for a short time as a student at Karadeniz Technical University in Forest Engineering, Ankara University Kastamonu Vocational School in Computer Programming, Physics Department of Technical University of the Middle East and the Accounting Department of Ankara University. He was winning the college entrance exams, but was unable to steadily advance his studies. In this case, the financial difficulties of his family also played an important role.

Haluk Levent, who dealt with trade during those examination years, left Adana as an unsuccessful businessman and gave himself up to the roads. The fact that her debut album is called “Yollarda” is also the reason for the experiments these days. He traveled to many cities and sang. Sometimes she would try to raise money for a sick girl by walking the streets and singing. Some of these efforts have been successful.

He came to Istanbul in 1992. He worked in various bars in Ortaköy. He met Yıldıray Gürgen. Moreover, he worked with quality musicians such as Serdar Öztop and Akın Eldes, increasing the quality of their albums. In July 1993, he released his album on the Road.

This album is also one of the first works of the second period after the 70s, when Anatolian rock music emerged. In the same year, the Mongols released their first album after 20 years. Unexpectedly, he reached a turnover of about two hundred thousand on the roads. It was like the first sign that a new track opened in the Turkish music market would attract millions.

After the first album, One Night Time reached in October 1995 a turnover close to one million. Again, at the end of 1996, the Friends album was released. With this album, the artist created one of the most successful musical examples of Anatolian rock music. The artist says for his album Friend, “I caught world standards with this album”.

He was imprisoned in August 1997. He was imprisoned for 9 months because of a business case he couldn’t get rid of for about ten years. While in prison, he cut off his long hair and sent it to Akkuyu to protest the nuclear power plant project. He released the album “Letter” with the recordings he had created before going to prison. The letter was written from the inside out, and hundreds of thousands of people read this “Letter” outside. He did not remain inactive indoors, he wrote his first book called Cat Bridge. She was free from the blinding lights and although she had received a hundred thousand letters, it was ultimately up to her to decide. This “spontaneity” was embodied in a book.

After his release from prison, he had very little time to prepare his new album. Because he was expecting 18 months of military service. Under these conditions, in September 1998, he released the album “Yigin Ayrilik” and went to the army. While in the army, he gave concerts in places in Turkey where he had never been before. He has given concerts throughout East and South-East Anatolia. Tent, which was established in Izmit after the 1999 earthquake, worked in cities and set up tents. He gave concerts for the benefit of the victims of the earthquake. While in the military, he spent all his days off in the studio. In early 2000, he launched www.leyla.com. He talked about the digitization of emotions in an increasingly digital world, and referenced Susurluk with the song “Trucker’s Song”.

At the same time, the artist, who stands out for his sensitivity to environmental issues, includes songs in almost all albums to raise environmental awareness. He has filed lawsuits against projects deemed harmful to the environment in different regions of Turkey and has been involved in lawsuits. He protested to prevent the extinction of Caretta Caretta turtles in Kazanlı district in Mersin. Haluk Levent has a daughter named Ela.

Twelve albums, a thousand concerts, two books, hundreds of awards, charity concerts, two record concerts (twelve hours), dozens of environmental lawsuits have marked his short artistic life. In the last months of 2010, Hacivat Karagöz released his album. It broke audience records in the virtual world, but this rate was not observed in the sales of cassette-CDs. He released his album Dostane in February 2014.


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