4,000 commercial licenses can be cancelled!

In these days when we are celebrating Tourism Week, tourism businesses in Bodrum are facing great danger! Most of the beach businesses, which were attached to the Ministry of Tourism last year, risk being closed indefinitely because they failed the Ministry’s certificate! Now make way for the accommodation structures labeled by the municipality! BODER President Ömer Dengiz warned: “Don’t be late, your license could be revoked!

Beach facilities and accommodation facilities were transferred to the Ministry of Tourism on July 27 last year. As a result, beach businesses and accommodation facilities had to obtain a “document” from the ministry. The business licenses of undocumented businesses would be revoked. To obtain a document, the date of the operating and work permit had to be after July 28, 2021! Accordingly, companies whose licenses were obtained before this date had to renew their licenses and apply until the end of the application period (March 15, 2022). However, many beach businesses in Bodrum missed out this time.

Nearly 4,000 tourism businesses in Bodrum are at risk of closing because they missed the application deadline. Moreover, among them there are companies that have been serving Bodrum tourism for 20-30 years and whose name contributes to the value of the Bodrum brand. In a statement on the matter on bodrumhaberi.com, Chairman of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER), Ömer Dengiz, said:

“Significant changes have been made to the Tourism Incentive Law no. According to the law, accommodation establishments and beach businesses were placed under the control of the ministry. Before this law, there was no obligation to obtain a tourism operating license. This was only a prerequisite for companies wishing to benefit from the aid of the tourism incentive law. Currently, this document has become mandatory for everyone. This includes both accommodation establishments and independent beach businesses that do not include accommodation. Accommodation and beach businesses that cannot obtain the tourism operation certificate and the simple accommodation tourism operation certificate within the prescribed period will not be able to operate, and their operation and work licenses will be canceled within one month by the competent administration after notification to the Ministry.


Stating that many bathing businesses in Bodrum have missed this deadline and are at risk of losing their license, BODER Chairman Ömer Dengiz said; “Despite all the warnings, we had friends who reported this issue. I cannot give an exact number. But a lot!” mentioned. Ömer Faruk Dengiz said that as BODER, they are in contact with the Ministry of Tourism and they are trying to convey their requests to Minister Ersoy to extend the face-to-face application period.

Another warning from Dengiz concerns accommodation facilities. Thus, in accordance with the Regulation on the certification of simple accommodation establishments and seaside operations published in the Official Journal of July 28, 2021, companies that do not request the Ministry of Culture and Tourism before July 28, 2022 to obtain a ” simple accommodation certificate of tourist company”, as on the beaches. in the same way, he will lose his authorization to open a business and to work.


Another issue here is the issue of license renewal! The ‘transfer’ of the workplace is mandatory for the municipality to renew the license! Otherwise, it cannot be renewed. For this reason, beach businesses will contact the Municipality to cancel their permit and obtain a new permit. After obtaining his license, he will ask for the certificate from the Ministry of Tourism. In fact, one beach operator who asked the municipality to renew his permit stated, “The municipality is not renewing the permit. It is necessary for the business to be transferred. We are told that your license should be canceled and you should apply for a new license.

Dengiz said that if accommodation facilities certified by the municipality do not apply, their business and work licenses will be voided. BODER Chairman said: “All apartments, hostels and hotels with municipal certificate should go to the Tourism Advisory Office of the Provincial Tourism Directorate and apply as soon as possible. We still hear that many requests have not been made. If their license is revoked, it can be very difficult for them to reacquire it. The license requirements of 30 years ago are different from the requirements of today. They may not even be allowed. For example, a fish restaurant with a wooden ceiling may need to have the wooden ceiling demolished and concreted in order to obtain a new license if its license is revoked. We are living such an example right now. Despite our warnings, our friends are postponing. “We don’t want them to be victims,” ​​he said.

Ömer Dengiz added that there are about 4,000 beaches and accommodation establishments in Bodrum in this situation.

News: Selda Ozturk

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