9 years of litigation are over! Superb defense in fake beauticians scandal

The defendant, who presented himself as a doctor in a beauty center in Istanbul Bakırköy and caused damage to the face of his patient, for which he was operated on, was sentenced to 10 months in prison. The defendant’s lawyer Banu M. said he could easily find out if he was a doctor by consulting the website of the Turkish Medical Association and said: “In our opinion, the fraudulent element did not not produced.”


The intervener Kıymet Kaya and the parties’ lawyers attended the hearing at the 24th High Criminal Court in Bakırköy. The accused Banu M., who was not arrested, did not attend the hearing.

In his opinion on the merits, the public prosecutor requested the sentencing of the accused Banu M to a sentence of 3 years 4 months to 11 years 6 months in prison for the crimes of “qualified fraud” and ” harm through negligence leaving an indelible mark on his person. Face”.

Kıymet Kaya said that he was treated for 9 years after the treatment on the face of the accused, “Therefore, I have spent and exerted effort. My complaint against the accused continues. I demand his punishment.” mentioned.

The defendant’s lawyer Banu M also stated that Kıymet Kaya knows his client, that he can easily find out if he is a doctor by consulting the website of the Turkish Medical Association and stated: “In our opinion, the fraudulent element of the crime of fraud has not occurred. There is no concrete evidence that there are acts that are the subject of scams and personal torts. We demand the acquittal of my customer mentioned.


The court, which decided on the case, sentenced the defendant Banu M to 2 years and 6 months in prison for “qualified fraud” and postponed the announcement of the verdict.

The court also sentenced the defendant to a legal fine of 3,340 lire and sentenced Banu M to 10 months in prison for “negligent injury”. The court decided not to delay the announcement of this conviction.


Giving a statement after the hearing, Kıymet Kaya said: “After 9 years, our case is over. Was the punishment he received enough for him? No, this is not the case. “I will carry the traces of it on my face for the rest of my life. I still have treatments in progress. “I have to undergo these treatments for the rest of my life. I have to fill in the places that melt on my face every year. . The accused escaped with very little punishment. He victimized many women. He made women’s lives miserable. Why? To earn more money. Even though he had no space, a fake beautician He opened a clinic with a degree and a degree in plastic surgery and poisoned the lives of so many people. He introduced himself to us as one of the few plastic surgeons in Turkey. He had a lot of diplomas hanging on his wall. He was showing them and saying, “I graduated from here, I’m such a good doctor.” He said, “My operation was here today, I performed this operation on this patient today.” he said.



In the indictment prepared by the Bakırköy Attorney General’s Office, the defendant Banu M operated a beauty center in Bakırköy, and Kıymet Kaya requested treatment for his facial injuries on February 5, 2013, presenting himself as a doctor, by performing surgery, and as a result of this procedure, the applicant’s face became bruised and plain. It was stated that he had been injured in a way that could not be healed by medical intervention.

In the indictment, a lawsuit was filed in the 32nd Criminal Magistrates Court in Bakırköy, demanding that the defendant Banu M. be sentenced to up to 6 years in prison for ” fraud” and “negligent injury”.

At the trial held here, the defendant Banu M was acquitted because the elements of the crime of “fraud” did not exist and the evidence for the crime of “injury” could not be obtained.


İsmail Şahin, Kıymet Kaya’s lawyer, who was present, appealed the decision, and the 21st Criminal Chamber of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice decided to overturn the acquittal, stating that the crime could be characterized as fraud and that this crime should be tried in a high criminal court. After this decision, the case was sent to the Bakırköy Criminal Court.

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