Ali’s stamp on the last episode of the infidels! Derin is the witness of what happened between Asya and Volkan.

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The television series “Loyalty”, which airs two seasons on Kanal D on Wednesday evenings, continues to hit the screen with episodes full of intrigue. Asia’s plan for revenge has been on display for a few weeks in Sadakatsiz, along with Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen.


In the latest episode of Sadakatsiz, airing Wednesday, April 13 with its 56th episode; Calling Volkan back home with the stealing game, Asya told her ex-husband, who kissed her, “We can’t live without divorcing Derin.” Ali, who was left at home by Derin at the time, was shocked by the sight he saw. Ali, who did not inform anyone about this situation, tried to solve the problem he was having.

Meanwhile, Asya, who continues to implement her plan, will not divorce Volkan without securing her, so she will embezzle money from the business; He then told Derya that he would send him to prison.

The mysterious friend of Melis Sezen!


Realizing she couldn’t stop her friend, Derya advised Ali to leave an inheritance so he wouldn’t have any trouble. Saying she only has one house, Asya said that Volkan had spent his son’s education money years ago with Derin, but he had an idea to get it back.

Meanwhile, Derin, who went to the restaurant in Selçuk, was searching her half-brother’s mouth to see if her husband was telling the truth. At that time, Derin, surprised by Onur’s arrival at the restaurant, asked him for help in getting the footage to Asia.

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On the other hand, Volkan, who couldn’t get Asia out of his mind, was speeding up his investment moves to insure himself, while Gönül heard about the expenses. Gönül, who immediately went to the company and bullied Volkan, said they should include Selçuk in the company. Disturbed by this, Volkan called Derin and offered to eat at the restaurant in the evening.

‘Derya’ from ‘Loyalty’ revealed her followers like this!


Derin, who was pleased with her husband’s attention, immediately got ready. Volkan, one of the Arslan couples, who had a romantic night in the evening, told his wife that they had to invest in themselves in order to secure their daughter’s future. Derin accepting Volkan’s offer to his mother and brother; He said he and Volkan would move to a new house by the sea.

Volkan, who at the same time went to Asya, asked her for time to recover from her situation. “After this period, I will no longer be my ex-husband’s new mistress,” said Asya, who pressed him on how long to wait. Explaining that Mrs. Gönül supervised him afterwards, Volkan explained that he could not make his investments. Turning crisis into opportunity, Asya said it wouldn’t attract attention if she did all about Ali.

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Derin, who went to the meeting with his mother at the foundation, called Volkan there on his way out. Meanwhile, Volkan, who was next to Asya, accepted his wife’s offer even though he didn’t want to. Surprised by Onur’s call before entering the meeting, Asya invited him to the foundation. After the meeting, Derin and Onur came face to face; Asya did not refuse Onur, who asked her to delete the video. Asya, who deleted the images from her phone, did not say whether she had a copy or not. “I love that Derin is on the edge of his life for the rest of his life,” he told Onur.

The Cansu Dere wind in Madrid!

The Volkan-Derin couple, who left the place with the arrival of Onur, went to look for a new house while they talked. While the couple who loves the house take action for the purchase; Volkan also said it was investment land. Derin said, “Let’s go too” and made the money transfer. Volkan, who liked the idea of ​​Asya, did the deeds to Ali as he had planned.

Derin, who went home and told her mother about the video, explained that Onur’s efforts didn’t work; The heart was angry with him. Complaining that they couldn’t come up with an idea, Derin went to confront Asya.

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However, in the meantime, Ali, having gone crazy over Demir’s liking for İpek, whom he fell in love with, turned the house upside down. Realizing his mother and father’s lies, Ali found the diamond necklace Volkan had bought. Asking him when his mother came, Ali admitted that he saw her kissing with his father. Derin, who overheard the mother-son argument, broke down when she heard her husband kiss Asya.

“Let’s not talk about salaries”


Social media commented on Ali realizing the truth about his parents and Derin learning all about it. Here are some of those comments…

“When Ali says it all, it’ll be a mess, it’ll be a mess”, “You think he’s deep”, “Asia hit Derin first, it’s Volkan”, “Realize we don’t love you more Derin”, “Derin’s heart hurts” and his aching gaze”, “Volkan you burned”, “And Derin is still in the middle”, “Deep truths are bitter, heal quickly”, “Volkan’s words echo in my ears”, “You live what you live Derin”, “Asia is advancing step by step”, “Ali has started to get smarter”

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