Applications for the charging station subsidy program are open

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said on his social media account: “We are determined to bring the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles to our country. We have opened the 300 million lira grant program for setting up high-speed charging stations at different points in Turkey for today’s application. Good luck to our investors. ” announced by sharing.

According to the statement made by the ministry, it is very important that the fast charging infrastructure reaches a minimum level in all regions in order to achieve the targeted rapid expansion of electric vehicles in Turkey.

Along with the growth of the electric vehicle fleet in the coming years, we should see a rapid increase in the number of charging stations.

In this context, the Ministry launched the “Subsidy program for fast charging stations for electric vehicles” to encourage investment in fast charging stations.

With the support program, a subsidy will be granted for the installation of a fast charging station. With the support of the grant with a total budget of TL 300 million, fast charging stations will be installed at 1560 points in 81 provinces. Investors will be able to receive support from the program up to 250,000 lira per station. An additional 20% support will be given to domestically manufactured units.

Investors will be able to register for the program from the Internet address “” until June 15.

projection of electric vehicle

In the roadmap of vehicles and mobility technologies prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of National Technology with the contribution of public institutions and relevant sector players, a projection containing 3 different scenarios for the development of electric vehicles in Turkey, namely low, medium and high, has been created.

Accordingly, in the high scenario in 2025, it is estimated that the annual sales of electric vehicles will be 180,000 and the electric vehicle fleet will be 400,000.

In the medium scenario, annual electric vehicle sales are expected to be 120,000 and the electric vehicle fleet to be 270,000.

In the low scenario, annual EV sales are estimated to be around 65,000 and the EV fleet to be around 160,000.

According to the 2030 projection, the annual sales of electric vehicles in the high scenario are 580,000, the stock of electric vehicles is 2.5 million, in the medium scenario the annual sales of electric vehicles are 420,000, the stock of electric vehicles is 1.6 million, in the low scenario the annual sales of electric vehicles is 200,000, the stock of electric vehicles is estimated at 880,000.

Legislative infrastructure created

In addition to all this, under the coordination of the Ministries of Industry and Technology, Energy and Natural Resources, with the active participation of the relevant public institutions, in particular the Market Regulation Authority of Energy (EMRA) and the Turkish Standards Institute, and with the intense contribution of the private sector, legislation and standards for electric vehicle charging infrastructure for Turkey. A comprehensive plan has been prepared, including topics such as support and support.

As a result of the studies carried out, a legislative infrastructure has been created that will ensure the development of the charging industry in an efficient and sustainable structure under free market conditions. With Law No. 7346, the legal framework for charging services was established in Law No. 6446 on the electricity market.

Thus, within the framework of the legislation, the details of which have been specified with the regulations published by the EMRA, the charging service activities have been subject to license and certificate.

The charging station industry has emerged

The transformation on the world stage will further strengthen the position of the automotive industry in Turkey.

The increase in the number and prevalence of electric vehicles will drive the technology ecosystem and innovation, and create export opportunities for startups. Electric vehicles will be popularized in order to create an accelerator effect in the field of innovation in the automotive industry.

With the introduction of electric vehicles, a new sector has emerged. It is estimated that the charging station industry, which is still at the beginning of its development, will become a big industry in 2030, where more than 165,000 charging outlets, which have been established with an investment of about 1.5 billion dollars, are exploited. .

Apart from its size, the charging station sector is also significant in terms of its potential impact on the automotive industry. The sector, which will have a decisive effect on consumer preferences, will affect competition in the automotive market and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

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