Best Serial Movies

There are serial films that have had a huge impact all over the world. Those who haven’t watched yet can make their choice by browsing through the most watched.

For example, first:

* Series to watch are displayed.
* It can be rated based on topics and cast.
* Even the IMDB score is among the determining factors.

The Lord of the Rings

The famous Lord of the Rings is one of the serial films that are becoming known in the world. watch the movie among the flagship series of their site. To list the curious of the series first:

Film: He takes the lead in the fantasy film series. It was first shown as an adaptation in 1978. However, it was released in 2001 with a real production and made a sound.

Series: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Twin Towers and The Return of the King are included in the series. The total budget of all these series is 250 million USD. In other words, it is one of the productions that make a big impact with its budget.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, which presents itself as a book adaptation, is one of the series to watch. watch the movie your preferences are revealed and curious details are listed. To know:

Film: Included in the film as an adaptation of JK Rowling’s novel. It is revealed in 8 series in total. The last film was released in 2011 and managed to collect awards.

Matter: Harry lived with his aunt for 10 years and lost his parents at a young age. However, the cause of death of his parents is very different. Harry, who begins attending Hogwards School of Wizardry, proves he is not a wizard and this is how he learns of his past.

Pirates of the Caribbean

watch hd movies The result is the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Originally voiced as Pirates of the Caribbean. And the details shown for those who want to watch:

Film: The name sitting in the director’s chair is voiced as TedElliot. It reveals itself in the realm of adventure and action. It was revealed in 3 series and received full points from its audience.

Series: The first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, was shown to the public in 2003. Next comes Dead Man’s Chest. And in 2006, we know that he accompanied his fans to the cinema. The final series is exhibited as World’s End. And with the film passed in 2007, the 3D production was also signed. Known as On Stranger Tides, the production was released in 2011.

star wars

It’s more like Star Wars. This series, which is watched by almost everyone, is known as the space theme. watch movies in full hd You will be able to rate them all according to your choice. To know:

Film: Directed by George Lucas, the series managed to make sound films. The series, rewarded by 7 Oscars, imposed itself with its records of receipts.

Series: The first series was released in theaters in 1999 under the name Hidden Danger. It takes place in 10 series in total. His last film was shot in 2017. And he accompanied those who waited in the form of TheLastJedi, the last Jedi.

the Godfather

He also appears in TheGodfather, among the must-see productions. The series “Father” took its place among the best films of all years. On the other hand, with your choice to watch a Full HD movie, the series is revealed. To know:

Film: Note that it was mainly adapted from MarioPuzo’s novel. It is exhibited in the form of its director, Francis Ford Coppola. It was etched in people’s minds as a giant project where names like MarionBrando and Al Pacino met.

Series: Bringing a breath of fresh air to the history of cinema, the film Baba was first released in 1972. The second film, on the other hand, was met with curious anticipation by moviegoers in 1974. For the last , that is, the third film, the year 1990 was decided to be released.

Fast and Furious

The Fast&Furious series is on everyone’s lips. The film series, which is still being filmed, is highly anticipated. The film, which brought fans to tears in response to the sudden death of Paul Walker, continues where it left off. To know:

Film: By participating in the vision in 2001, he made a strong impression and made a profit. VinDiesel made a big impact with its famous actors such as JasonStatham and Dwayne Johnson.

Matter: Set on racetracks, the film is about a band with a dark past. Although the group didn’t get along at first, they later managed to bond with each other. Thereupon he began to fight his enemies hand in hand.


MarvelComics productions have managed to stand out. For example, X-Men, which appears in the field of fantasy, is part of serial productions. And he managed to grab attention with his earnings records. To know:

Film: It was first introduced to moviegoers in 2000. It managed to bring a breath of fresh air into the world of fantasy cinema. In particular, superheroes were allowed to suddenly become recognizable.

Series: The original trilogy took place between 2000 and 2006. Between 2009 and 2017, the Wolverine trilogy was signed. Between 2011 and 2016, he managed to get noticed with the New Trilogy.


The Matrix, which gave birth to the theories, is one of the productions that broke records. The Matrix, commented on for a long time, has succeeded in etching itself in the memories. Those who haven’t watched it yet can rate the movie series that stands out so much. Example:

Film: The IMDB score is announced at 8.7. The year of its first airing is 1999. Names such as Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie – Anne Moss appeared in the main roles.

Matter: Frameworks related to reality and the virtual world have been signed. The film, which stands out for its box office success, tells the story of an ordinary man’s encounter with the virtual world. The production, full of fiction, unfolds on the theme of space.

All these details fullhdfilmleyear was there. At the same time, it won’t take you long to click on the movies and start watching them in HD quality.

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