Bulent Arinc’s implicit criticism of the economy to some politicians in his party: I said ‘there are economic problems’ 3 years ago

AK Party The Iftar program was organized by the Manisa Provincial Presidency in the historical Kurşunlu Han in Şehzadeler district. Former Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and former member of the High Advisory Council of the Presidency Bülent Arınç, his brother Prof. Dr. Ümit Doğay Arınç, AK Party Member MKYK and Manisa MP Murat Baybatur, AK Party MP Manisa Semra Kaplan Kıvırcık, AK Party Provincial Chairman Manisa Salih Fast, AK Party Mayors, AK Party District Chairmen, Members of the women’s branch of the AK party, members of the youth branch and many parties participated.

Bülent Arınç, the former speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and one of the founders of the AK Party, who took the podium after the speech by the provincial chairman of the AK Manisa party, Salih Quick, said: “We are of the AK party “Thank God, we also participated in the founding of this party, we are in the AK party today, and there will be no place to go from now on. We have no We will walk from victory to victory in the AK party , I hope we will see good days together. Of course, there may be people who have turned their political preferences elsewhere, but we are sincere in our decision. There is a test. Ibn Khaldun gives life even to states in his Mukaddime. States are also born, grow a little, develop a little, then begin to decline and go to destruction, states, governments, administrations, administrations… It is because of the nature business that the AK party will not continue its success. We cannot ignore what is happening. My difference with some politicians is that I said “3 years ago”.TurkeyI said that there are economic problems in Turkey, but thank God our government will deal with them and we will be together again in good times. Our duty as politicians is to see a problem, not to deny it, not to hide it. It’s not about picking up dust under the rug. The effort to sweep all the dust and dirt under the rug and get the place clean suits everyone, but it doesn’t suit a politician.”

Arinc said:

“You will see the problem, you will diagnose the problem, you will tell our people about it and we will find the solution. Just as we find it for 20 years, if we haven’t lost an election for 20 years, if people say “AK Party” for 20 years, we will overcome all of this. Trust us. Our president does too. You see, people always have a high level of trust in the president no matter what troubles they are in. . The opposition is not even able to hang on to it. I hope that trust does not go away. Let’s get rid of these troubles, we have to get rid of them. Because I say this as someone who has been in politics for years. You will feel more comfortable when the economy is good at people’s point of choice. But if there are problems in the economy, if your purchasing power has decreased, if the value of the Turkish currency has decreased, if there is an increase in daily necessities, and if inflation has reached 60 percent with official numbers, you can’t fool the nation with oratorical speech.”

Arinc said, “We will see the truth and solve the problems,” and concluded his speech as follows:

“As long as the problems are solved, the nation has never separated from us, it will never separate from us. Yes, there is the AK party, it will solve all these problems. Just like we won two thirds of parliament in 2002, we got to 47% in 2007 and 49.5% in 2011.” If we found 50%, and of course there is a caveat. If we reached 50% in the June 7 elections 2015, but 6 months after this, I hope we will succeed again. There is no other choice. We must succeed. We must do a very good job. Thank you. I look at the measurements, they are trying to give the confidence that “I will succeed in this job” by doing reasonable things with monetary measures aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the poor and the retired. Our duty is to support them. Our duty is to tell them. make people angry, there may be those who confuse them. There may be people walking down the street just because I’m done. No, nothing is over. Every country can suffer, so can we. We will believe that we will overcome this, and together with those who do this, we will show our solidarity to all of Turkey, to the whole world, without ever being separated from each other, without revealing each other’s faults.”

After the iftar program, party members attended the tarawih prayer at the Hatuniye Mosque.

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