Description of ‘food’ and ‘production’ by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Kirişci: ‘I say to have a blanket’

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci spoke at the “Bursa Sector Meeting” held at the Merinos Atatürk Culture and Congress Center.

Kirişci, who claimed to have brought important legislations to the agricultural sector in 2002-2011, when he was chairman of the Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, continued as follows:

“Can you imagine? Turkey is an agricultural country, but there is no agricultural law, no agricultural insurance. Seeds used in production in Turkey, of which Bursa is a pioneer city in this regard, do not have a breeder’s rights law regarding seeds. i.e. someone copies it, someone takes a product that is your work and owns it. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes his responsibility. About 14 laws were enacted in Parliament during our tenure. In the following period, with some in the absence of laws, agriculture in Turkey ceased to be an area devoid of legislation in terms of law. There is no gap, no lack. Sure, it takes a little touch or two.


Affirming that they will continue with new agricultural policies in the second 100 years of the Republic, Minister Kirişci explained the measures they will take in this field and said: “We will include national and local production and we will In other words, the products that we try to source through import and ensure availability are also the agricultural sub-sector of our country and we will prioritize production using its superstructure. Of course, each country imports certain products and exports certain products. The point that we need to emphasize here is the strategic products, that is to say the strategic products like “flour, oil and sugar”, vegetable production, the main products being cereals, legumes, oilseeds and sugar beets.

Kirişci said that on the animal production side, they attach importance to meat, milk and eggs, they are also strategic products, and they will also attach importance to strategic products.

Referring to agricultural supports, Kirişci said, “Our agricultural supports are very complex in terms of numbers and titles. We will make a simplification here too, and we will finally satisfy the producers.

Pointing out that there are more than 3 million hectares of uncultivated and empty land, Kirişci said: “With the addition of these areas to about 23 million hectares, which means an increase of 15%. We will see our production areas as an empty field. , an empty garden, an empty barn, The barn… We will make all this fields and places which will be planted, cultivated, produced”.


Kirişci said that they will distinguish between the right of land ownership and the right of use, and continued his remarks as follows:

“For either reason, it may be due to mode of inheritance, excessive fragmentation, or there may be other reasons, migration from rural to urban may also be a factor, but we will also ensure that these places are not emptied by developing the exploitation of uncultivated and uncultivated areas.” Food security, national security We will put an end to these practices from now on. We will permanently end these practices. The treatment of these fields, vineyards and gardens, their use in production activities and their use in production activities are also the same in animal production. We will ensure that the activities are carried out.


Speaking to producers, Kirişci said:

“I want to get coverage for those who say, ‘There’s no this, there’s no that’ in this country. All the producers in this country not only feed 85 million people, but also the 5 million who are invited to this country to take refuge with us, and that is not enough, they are successfully continuing their efforts so far, exporting the rest to more than 50 million tourists who come to the country. We say, “Enough is enough. Serving our producers is at the level of worship for us.’

The meeting continued closed to the press after the ceremonial speeches.

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