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President Recep Tayyip ErdoğanTwenty-four hours after the appointment of the new rector of , a serious error appeared, but fortunately, a quick correction was made with a publication in the Official Journal in duplicate. There was no university called Istanbul Ayvansaray University. Specifically, the university changed its qualifications in 2016 and its name became Istanbul Topkapı University. Although there were a lot of jokes on social media, nobody paid attention to what happened, because presidential decrees were often corrected.

After the shadow university, this time Sudan’s imaginary farmland scandal exploded. A company called Turkish Sudan International Agriculture and Livestock Inc. was set up to produce on the land allocated by the Sudanese government, but the company did not start operations because the Sudanese government did not allocate the promised land. However, the members of the board of directors of this company still received their salaries and even their bonuses on a regular basis. For the company, which did not work even a single day, the board members received a salary of 366,000 TL in 2020, a bonus of 51,000 TL was distributed and 50,000 TL was paid for consulting services. CHP Manisa Deputy Bekir BasevigenBased on the 2020 Report of the Court of Accounts on the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM), Minister of Agriculture Vahit KirisciHe submitted a question about the situation of the company and why these payments were made; We eagerly await the response.

Does Zambia have a navy?

While talking about the imaginary agricultural business, this time the vice chairman of the IYI party.Me Ahmet Erozanreferred to an agreement signed with Zambia in 2018. Erozan, the Minister of National Defence, on the grounds that he signed the agreement with Zambia, which includes “the exchange of personnel on ships and mutual visits of ports with ships”, without reading it. Hulusi Akarand the Minister of Foreign Affairs for not having undertaken the coordination. Mevlut CavusogluHe invited him to resign. Erozan said landlocked Zambia has no navy.

In fact, this statement is not entirely true. Ok they don’t have a navy but in February 2015 Zambia took giant steps to create its own security force to prevent poaching in the lakes and rivers it shares with the Democratic Republic of Congo and to protect its fishermen! There is even a Zambian Marine Corps page on Facebook. Although there has been no activity on the page since 2017 and the last post was the staff recruitment announcement, but that’s it. Judging by international military sites, they still won’t be able to find personnel, so they continue to post ads. In any case, Zambia had no boats to use in the operations. Fortunately, China came to the rescue and filled the void by donating a few boats. OK, no navy, but it’s the intention that counts!

The date is September 9, 1975. The chairman of the Justice Party, Süleyman Demirel, prefers to deny the incident with a very colloquial and timeless language, after the announcement of the imaginary corruption of furniture involving his nephew: “Customers will lick the spit they The reign of lies will be destroyed, common sense and the virtue of the citizen will prevail.

The milestone of your imaginary works

Although the incidence is increasing now, the history of official fictional works dates back to 1975, at least on record. Prime Minister at the time Suleyman Demirelthe nephew of Yahya Demirelpartner of Bishop Shelefyan Furniture export organized at the same time as the first “fictional corruption” in the history of Turkey.

The brief summary of the event is as follows: Yahya Demirel, the Prime Minister’s nephew, obtained improper profit by obtaining a tax refund of 20 million 530 thousand 455 liras from the State, by giving the documents that he exported furniture worth 27 million 377 thousand 394 lire in five lots. Moreover, some of the buying companies have been shown to exist with false claims when they did not exist, and some of them were created by themselves. As if that were not enough, the exported goods are not furniture, but ordinary chipboard parts. This amount, which corresponds to 1 million 415 thousand 893 dollars, does not mean much today, but for that day it was a large sum of money. The event, which led to a censorship issue on Süleyman Demirel, never left Demirel in subsequent years.

It is the bureaucrats who report it and, as always, they are the ones who pay the price. However, unlike today, since the prime minister and the presidency are not united in the same hand, the carnage will not be too much. The Consulate in Bern, which examines exports due to its functions He is asked to be removed from his position as trade adviser and appointed to Karachi, but the president Fahri Korutürk does not sign this appointment decision. Commercial Attaché Ayhan Yaman he was first posted to Kuwait and then to Algeria. Also Commercial Attaché in Bern the sun flies also sent to Jeddah. undersecretary of the ministry of commerce Seref Durugonul on the other hand, he was first taken on as a consultant and then appointed to the regional trade directorate of Diyarbakır, but this decree was also refused by Korutürk.

Meanwhile, journalists who have been following the fictitious corruption of furniture from the very beginning and made it public, thus establishing a corruption commission in Parliament. Ugur Mumcu and Altan Oimenco-authored Corrupt furniture They are judged because of the book. Yahya Demirel’s trial against Mumcu and Öymen for defamation ends in an acquittal.

What will happen to Yahya Demirel? An investigation was opened against him and he was banned from leaving the country in 1976, but he fled to Switzerland in 1978. After the September 12, 1980 coup, he was stripped of his citizenship with many political fugitives. When his living conditions become difficult, he returns to Turkey, risking going to prison. Although he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the furniture smuggling case, the decision was overturned by the Supreme Court and Yahya Demirel was released from prison in 1986. The first sham export lawsuit filed against was dropped from him as the statute of limitations had expired. Yegen Demirel’s incidents don’t end there, he’s someone who pushed the boundaries of the imagination. For example, he founded an imaginary bank in the 1990s. Demirel defrauded the state of millions of dollars with the fictitious bank he founded in TRNC under the name of Cyprus Investment Bank. The fraud was detected during the Prime Ministry’s Board of Inspectors investigation into millions of dollars in deposit accounts opened by Halk Bank with Cyprus Investment Bank and Everest Bank, which could not be closed further late. Yahya Demirel’s fictional works continue with a series of events in which the state is defrauded with false guarantees. Although Yahya Demirel paid a very small price compared to what he did, it is still incredible that Yahya Demirel was tried and sentenced to prison.

Everything begins with a dream, the rest goes away with high knowledge, great moral depravity, great courage and great shamelessness.

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